Is ricohjpn D01 bad DL media?

I have 3 coasters with this media. I don’t know is it my burner’s problem, or it is media problem. Anyway, first I attempt to burn TDK DVD+R DL 8x media on Samsung 162c, using 8x speed, and burn proces failed on zone change. Afther this, I tried second TDK disc, this time on 4x, but it fails at layer break.
After this, I use third TDK disc this time on BenQ 1650, and it burned ok at 8x speed. Scan is here, I think that is good burn.

Yesterday night I try to burn Intenso DVD+R DL 8x which is also ricohjpn D01, but made in India, using BenQ, and this time 4x speed. At layer break burn failed.
What You think, is it bad media, or my burners is little outdated? Before I burned Verbatim 2.4 DL, and Ritek 2.4 DL without problems using BenQ.


For DL dvds, i just trust Verbatim.

I had once it was very bad :a
We got only oneway DL media it is Verbatim DL ( Made in Singapore only )

Put it this way, none of my burners seem to like it very much. My LG E10N won’t even begin a burn. :wink:

Verbatim all the way for me.

Unfortunately Ricoh DL media have poor firmware support…
So there is only one choice - Verbatim DL…

I agree pepst 100% X8 = ??? :bigsmile:
because it didn’t burn 8X speed with LG 42N / 44L / 55N / PX-760A / BenQ 1655…

Cheap (DL) media will still be cheap media, whatever you do or not do with them.
Burning them is one thing and it means not much in case of burning quality anyway. -> Ritek :Z

[B]Verbatim DL is still the only reliable choice.[/B]

There are not only complaints about CMC DL discs, if I’m not mistaken? I’ve seen reports of very succesful use with these.

I’m certainly not saying that they’re “peace of mind” as the Verbs are, but it looks like they’re the only reasonable bet for DL when one can’t have Verbatim… personally I would stick with the Verbs anyway.

Depends, there are various CMC DL MIDs and more than a bunch of manufacturers…even more variable “quality”. :wink:

My HP CMC MAG D01’s burn extremely well, and the stability, I personally think, is quite good too - see DVD+R DL 2.4x&image=hp_PDL24x (thanks to Evilboy for the link :))

I know it isn’t exactly a solid test, but CMC media in general is usually extremely stable IMO

What about PIF? usually on the verbatim i get between 350 and 700 total, with pif=2 max.

Er…? :confused: Don’t you mean a bunch of [I]brands[/I]?
I definitly agree about the risk of variation in quality with CMC, anyway :iagree:

What [B]Kevatcrewe [/B]mentions reminds me that indeed HP is probably THE brand to almost always offer premium grade CMC stuff, so maybe it includes premium CMC DL. But I can’t vouch for it.

INcase of dual layer things are tricky.
Most non verbatim disc’s that are decent made (Ricohjpn(RItek and MBIL made can’t say a thing about the japanese stuff but it looks much better)/CMC) seem to be very drive,content, software and user dependant when it comes to getting this media working.
If you don’t want to mess arround with finding working sollutions then I suggest to stick with verbatim/mitsubishi.