Is +R a subset of +RW?

I have a HL-DT-ST DVD + RW GCA-4040N and TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E. Since only +RW is mentioned in my burner, does it also support +R? I think it should, but just want to make sure.

Also I couldn’t find the compatible DVD+R/DVD+RW media for my burners on internet. Could you please suggest me which media to buy?

Finally, how do I check what is my firmware? I brought both these will my dell PC/ laptop only 6 months ago. Do I need a firmware upgrade. If yes, where do I find them.



Verbatim is usually a good choice.

I use good ole’ Clonecd to check what firmware a certain drive has, if I’m in doubt.

The ‘HL-DT-ST DVD + RW GCA-4040N’ seems to be a joint effort between Hitaci LG and Goldstar. From what I’ve found out, none of these companies have posted a firmware upgrade for the drive yet.

According to Teac’s site there’s no upgrade available for the ‘TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E’.

  1. If a drive supports +RW, it’s guranteed to support +R as well.

  2. I doubt your burner is the 8x kind, so just about any 4x DVD+R will work, the only difference is quality. Check the media forum for more info on what’s good and what’s not.

  3. Download Nero InfoTool from Nice tool that also comes w/ Nero to show you info about DVD-ROM, CD writer, and DVD writer, which includes firmware, speed, format it can read or write. No, if you have no problem w/ your current firmware, upgrade is not necessary or recommended.