Is quality scanning supported on a GCC-4481B MediaTek drive?



Can someone please tell me if the Hitachi-LG (HL-DT-ST) GCC-4481B supports disc quality (C1/C2, PI/PO) scanning?



Hi Mycers -

As you may have seen, I had a question about whether or not this drive could support disc quality (C1/C2, PI/PO) scanning.
After unzipping the firmware, one of the EXE files (of the multiple versions that I downloaded) had a company name of, “MediaTek Inc.” This makes me believe that my drive has a MediaTek chipset.

My question is: is it going to be any good once I get it out to do quality scanning? How will it scan with CDs? How about DVDs?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, IHeartGaming. I’ve combined your threads into this one in the main forum in hopes it might get more attention.

My experience with scanning with DVD-ROM drives has been mostly poor.