Is Prodisc DVD+R 4.7GB, Printable any good?

i wanna know is the prodisc is a good buy ,is only 60 cents , me question , are they going to last ? and is a good disc ?
if not does anybody know a good dvd+ media which is cheap but with good quality ? and where

Check this out > Prodiscs are good media!

i think the ones in usa are ok. however, in the uk and europe the quality seems to be variable. im the uk, i ordered 25, burnt 13/13 coasters. ive stopped using them now, cuz its no point. but i know a few guys from usa ordered these and they were very very impressive.

the disks i have are Bulkpaq printable, white top, Prodisc DVD+R R02. people in the usa, using identical media code disks, have had great results.

anybody know if these 4x printable Prodisc
will run at 4x on my Nec1100a drive

Thanks in advance

I ask this because I got the Imation 4x printable and they only BURN at 2.4

The REGULAR 4x Imation burn at 4x with my NEC1100A but not the printable ones


the prodisk 4x dvd+rs that you showed from are good media. :wink:

I’m thinking about trying prodisc s03 -r, anyone have any experiance with these ? Super media store has them for a good price.

personaly i found that the bulkpack ones here in the uk were poor but the prodisk ones from svp (looks like the same ones in your link) are really good. i have burnt lots with very few failures. highly recomended!!

Hi All…
Can this media (4x Prodisc ) burn @8x with NEC 2500A??
Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz

See attachments for Bulkpaq 8x +R Printable results which are Prodisc R03 using Herrie’s latest firmware. Scans are done with a JLMS 166S so they aren’t totally reliable for KProbe. Very low PO though :slight_smile:

Very acceptable for £12 for 25. :iagree:

oops, post about S03 -R rather then +R , deleted post :o

Big yes for Prodisc +R 4x. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Prodiscr02 burnt with Herrie’s 107v2b4 @ 8x. :smiley:

same here. burning at 8x and all are fine :smiley: - in fact, just got another 150 this morning

prodiscs03 i think they are

Thank you very much…
But where I can found Good Prodisc media DVD+R 4x on the net?
I need it with good price, And the store ACCEPT International Master Card…?

Thank you

These are very good and are cheaper than accaproducts price:
I’m not sure if they accept international MC though…

Thaaaaank you wesociety very much, accept an International credit card’s :slight_smile:
And have a very very very good price :slight_smile:

But the problem is they are Out Of Stock !!!
Is it take a long time to be In Stock??

And do you have another store accept an International Credit Card’s to buy NEC 2500A??

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz

Supermediastore has informed me that they will not be restocking this media anymore since Prodisc has discontinued all 4X DVD+R.
They do still have the 8X Prodisc.

More scans done on Bulkpaq Printable (Prodisc R03). Herrie’s ( :bow: :bow: ) latest firmware and scanned with my JLMS 166S.

I did not lock the speed for the scans so the speed varies from around 4x at the beginning to 8x at the end (~ 3.45Gb burned)