Is possible to set the burn speed for CD/DVD in low speed


Sorry for my English

Can you set the write / write speed for CDs / DVDs at lower speeds?

With the modified firmware?

But I do not know how to do it, can help me Liggy or Dee

I use Lubuntu GNU / Linux

I nd3520 - nd3550 - And another nd4550, but it’s rubbish


How low you wanna go and on what media (MID)? You don’t need a manual fw mod, at most a strategy swap (MCSE). If there’s no low speed (we’re talking 1-2x I guess) strategy for any MID then it’s not possible (OK you can do the janky PIO-mode/bandwidth limit setup but that’s only gonna produce coasters).

Outside of very edge cases there isn’t a good reason to go lower than 4x or at most 2.4x (which most drives support for all media by default) for DVD’s or 8-16x for CD-R’s (you can’t do write strategy swaps for CD-R’s unfortunately).


4x is ok, i have some question

MID what is it “Media CD-R/DVD”

MCSE i don’t remember what is it

Sorry for my English


MID stands for the DVD±R media identification code, in CDspeed (Windows, but probably can be made to run in *nix too) you can find it in the Disc Info tab.

MCSE stands for MediaCodeSpeedEdit which you can use to do write strategy swaps for DVD media (modify strategy in fw file, save fw, flash). I would suggest you not mess with it unless you are certain you know what you’re doing.


Ok, sorry now i use Lubuntu “GNU/Linux”

I remember, when i use windows, but now i use Lubuntu is very difficult or impossible to set lower speeds read the support and the burner “firmware”

I have 16x cd-r Verbatim and i burn 8x?


ND-3550 supports CD-R @ 8x so you should be able to set that, I don’t recall if 4x is supported, it may be. Verbatim 16x would likely be the Metal Azo CD-R’s for which this drive should produce excellent results at 8x or 16x.

Since you’re not doing anything unorthodox here, you don’t need to use the software. But I just checked the media support list for the ND-3550 and it seems to be able to burn old 1-2x DVD-R media all the way down to 2x speed.


I want to burn them to 1x max 4x

In Windows can burn at lower speeds with specific drivers / software “CloneCD - Alcohol - Blin …”

For example, cdrdao / readom writes based on the firmware

I apologize for the ignorance in this matter


Mi correggo

For example, cdrdao / readom writes based on the firmware and support


No software does anything the drive’s hardware and firmware doesn’t do, and your drive is too new to support CD-R writing speeds below 4x. Insert the CD-R in the drive and start your burning software, and notice the speeds it allows you to choose. Those are the write speeds your drive has a strategy for with this media, and if it doesn’t have 4x then you can’t do anything about it (there is no public software that allows you to change write strategies for CD-R).

Some burning software (especially on *nix) sucks, and CDspeed disc info would be the most accurate source for checking supported write speeds, if you can get that program working.

And on a further note, writing these CD-R’s at anything less than 8x on decent drives like your NEC is likely to result in inferior quality burns, it’s too slow.


I convert the drive with driveconv:

But I do not understand if I change firmware or just the label


…why? That has nothing to do with your topic, that converter was meant for enabling DVD-R media support on drives that only supported +R, has nothing to do with CD-R’s. The converter does not flash firmware, only sets the drive ID/label.


if I changed the firmware I had solved


?? Was that a question?