Is possible set booktype DVD-ROM on a DVD-R

Hi, is possible set profile DVD-ROM in a DVD-R, or is possible only a DVD+R?

+R only.


[QUOTE=Mauroz;2780662]Hi, is possible set profile DVD-ROM in a DVD-R, or is possible only a DVD+R?
As Kerry56 said only possible with +R but also the drive must be able to booktype or bitset otherwise you will not be able to burn as DVD-ROM.

Exactly only +r and +r dl and a compatibile writer as a Samsung lite on lg.
I see in imgburn booktype setting there is a writer Nu tech that may be able set booktype dvd rom on a DVD-R.all other as lg plextor Samsung lite on benq nec only dvd+ but in booktype menù about nu tech there is option for DVD-R

It wasn’t officially recognized by the standards to do that with the Nu tech. More of a hack that wasn’t necessary.

Thanks understand
For curiosity why in DVD+ is possible set booktype and-r no?I know that DVD+r and DVD-r there is a little difference of a few mb.I think for my experience that dvd-r is the better without can set booktype but i think too that if it were possible set booktype too in a DVD-r the quality of disc can be very better or for you no?

+R was introduced later and they made provisions to allow bitsetting. Its in the official specifications of the +R standard.

The reason they allowed this and made it possible is the fact that [B]they arrived late to the market[/B]! They wanted to maximize compatibility for their media. This all became less and less important over time, as the vast majority of players could handle either format. These days it is hardly relevant, and I don’t bother with bitsetting any more.