Is possible convert mp4 to DivX?

Hi there, this is my first post asking some help of you.I have a file in mp4 format, with AviCodec I have the following information:
File : 187 MB (187 MB), duration: 0:21:18, type: DSH, 1 audio stream(s), quality: 48 %, ,
Video : 168 MB, 1104 Kbps, 0.0 fps, 640*480 (4:3), avc1 = Unknown, Supported
Audio : 19.47 MB, 127 Kbps, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, 0xFF = Unknown, , , Supported
When I try to convert it to DivX using the DivX Converter, simply it doesn’t recognizes it.:confused:
Is there any idea of what I missing for to do the job?.
I really appreciate any.
Sorry if my English isn’t enough clearly.
Thanks in advance.

I believe AviDemux is the tool you want.

You may also want to look through this FAQ thread at doom9.

You can try this freeware at ,bundled with the DivX Player and DivX 6 codec

Thanks for your replies, I didn’t mentioned before, but, the reason to convert this file in DivX format was to burn in a CD-R and can see it in a DVD Player as a DivX. I don’t know if this way is the most efficiently one to do it.(How you can see the file is ludicrous small to burn in a DVD).
Anyway I’ll study your references.
Thank you again.

Using AviDemux you’ll probably need to go to xvid instead of divx, but it should play just as well in a dvd player that is certified for divx. Thought I should mention that, though it is explained in the FAQ thread at doom9. Buena suerte

Wouldn’t Super be able to encode that MPG4 into a Divx AVI? Is that what you’re trying to achieve?

Yeah, but please correct me if I’m wrong,Super is an idiomatic expression or a program:confused:. Anyway , I found Total Video Converter, and this little wonder did the work. Thanks to everybody:)

Super is a program as well as an idiomatic expression…LOL
Look here:

Thanks a lot. I’ll give a try.
Peace and love from Lima,Peru in South-America.

Not familiar with Total Video Converter, but I see that you have to buy it…
SUPER © is free and very powerful. Very fast as well.

As an alternative freeware you can try mp4cam2avi. It’s designed for MP4 cameras but I used to use it on other MP4 files and it seemed pretty good.