Is PNY Vcards any good?



Hi, I’m going to buy a new video card & processor mainly to play bf2 & upcoming games and found a good deal on newegg

I’m planing on getting the PNY Geforce 6600GT & AMD Athlon 64 3200+. Now I know that AMD 64’s are the best for me, but for the gfx card it’s my first time buying nvidia cards, so i was wondering if PNY is a good choice ? or is’t one of those that i need to stay away from?and why?
I’m not planning on overclocking or anything. For the gfx card’s memory, is there much of a difference between 128mb & 256mb? should I go with a card with 256bit instead of 128bit ?
I have 1 GB pc3200 Kingston & just bought this mobo

thnx in advance :stuck_out_tongue:


i have a PNY GFTi4200 64MB DDR card that still works fine after 4 or 5 years (just cleaned the fan and added Arctic Silver thermal compound within the last year)…

i like the EVGA cards personally…but check the warranty terms…check user experiences on various tech sites/forums…

the amount of memory you’ll want/need depends on what games you’ll be playing…games with higher res graphics will obviously benefit from more on-board VRAM but remember that a 256bit bus card with 128MB of RAM will have better bandwidth than a 128bit bus card with 256MB of RAM…so keep that in mind too…
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Good info to remember.


I’m trying to find a 6600GT AGP with 256bit in newegg or zipzoomfly, but i cant find any for some reason…anyhow i think I’ll go with 128mb & 128bit Vcard…

edit: since I’m an ATI fan I didnt know about this, but from the guide u gave me it shows this

GeForce 6600 GT:

Core Clock: 500MHz
Memory Clock: 1000MHz (900MHz for the AGP version)
Pixel Pipelines: 8
Number of ROPs: 4
Vertex Processors: 3
Memory: 128MiB GDDR-3 memory on a 128-bit interface
MSRP, (RRP): $200 USD

does that mean they dont come in 256bit interface or something?


first of the msrp is wrong its between 149-160$, all geforce 6600gts are 128bit however its still a preety strong card and beats its competitor (x700 pro) , is it the best bang for the buck? probably however for a little more $$ newegg have this sweet geforce 6800 for 162$

usally you wouldnt find a 6800 for under 189$
and its not an le it have 16 pixel pipelines according to xfx site
an excellent deal in my opinion

look at this comparison
upto page 8


The performance difference between the 6600GT and the 6800 isn’t that great. When I was looking for a card, all the comparisons I read said the 6600GT actually out performed the regular 6800. I bought one because it was the best bang for the $ a couple months ago. Newegg still has the MSI NX6600GT-VTD128SP (1000 MHz clock rate) for $168 after rebate. I prefer MSI since they give you a 3 year warranty.


i was talkin on the regular 6800 not the GT


I have the non-gt version of the 6800 on my dell 8400. I can play all the newest games on it at the highest settings with no problems.


my evga 6800LE was actually a downclocked Ultra…flashed the BIOS and OC’d via coolbits and runs perfectly at 425/1150…what a steal for a little over $300 almost a year ago…