Is plexwrite 40/12/40 any good?

hey, i recently bought a new comp with a plexwrite 40/12/40… i was wondering if it’s good… and works well with cloneCD.

I’m a noob when it comes with all these cd copy protections and stuff…

i also wanted to know how i could use my plextor VariRaic (or smth) to burn music. (and if its possible in clonecd)


I don’t know if and how you can use these technologies in CloneCD (don’t have the Plex PX-W4012A writer) but I can say that this writer is a good one. Plextor is known for its quality drives and it can handle most copy-protections out there. This drive does however have some problems with the latest SafeDisc 2 protection (version 2.51.021 used on Medal of Honour, Serious Sam 2 and C&C Renegade) for example. CloneCD’s AWS function however does work pretty good with the Plextor writers so it shouldn’t be a problem. I suggest using our search function and reading the links in my signature. The Plextor 40x has been discussed many, many times before.]