Is Plextor the best for pro dvd burn?

I have been using a BenQ 1620 D7W9 for a good two to three years- to burn our corporate DVD’s for clients. It recently dawned on me to ask the question - is the laser optics better on anything else?

Plextor has always had a good name so I am wondering if I will get a better quality burn by using the optical quality of the laser lens on a Plextor. I am no full bottle about burners I might add. Are there other considerations to take into account - such as rpm stability, vibration?

I am always after a better looking image so if Plextors are better I will go definitely consider it. If you see that the gap has closed markedly between the competition and that there is no need to spend the extra dough I’ll take that into account as well.

Models that are available here are PX 112A & SA, 716AL, SA & UFL, 750A, 755A, 760A.

Any advice is appreciated. Thx

The 750 isn’t a real Plex, it’s a TEAC sold under Plextor’s name.

Thx Pianoman
Can you fill in some of the other blanks.
I have been reading the Pioneer DVR 111 and 112 are pretty good. Can you shed any light.

I want to buy a new burner today if I can get some clarification.


Is Plextor the best for pro dvd burn?
That really is a loaded question.:slight_smile: There are cheaper burners that can burn just as well or better IMHO. Plextor has lots of extra features that you pay more for that you don’t require for DVD burning. Having said that I still consider My PX 716A the best dual layer burner that I own. My suggestion would be to have a look at the latest reviews: and at least look at the conclusions for the newer burners. Good luck.:slight_smile: