Is Plextor still the leader in DVD burners because want new burner!



Hi all,

I don’t come often here but again Plextor failed on me and because of the good support in the past from this forum i’m trying to get some solution or advice for my problem.

atm i have a PX-740A and again he failed.
After some contact with in the past i’m now working with my 3e device now and 3 days ago it didn’t work proper any more :frowning:
Normaly a DVD was burned in +/- 8 min, since 2 a 3 days it is almost =/- 30 min!!!
I’m using Platinum DVD+R 8x, i recently bought Plextor DVD+R Media 16x and was planning to reduce the currency of my old 8x speeds DVDR’s and then the problems started.

First i thought it was because i burned the last couple of weeks on different media and on 16x the drive just doesn’t know how to handle the old discs used before.
I reinstalled my system changed from IDE slots, removed hardware that wasn’t needed but problem persist.

Since drive is F*cked-up i wanted to buy the latest burner 760A 18x but i was wondering if Plextor still is Ruler and Master of the Burners these days?

Because friends advice me to buy a NEC because of his cheap price and good quality for it!

So what do you guys think?


Quality of NEC 4570 <=


Sounds like a case of:

Worst case both your computer and the drive work properly per se but will not work together. That happens now and then with some configurations.

That highly depends on your needs.


Well my config didn’t change, i haven’t tweaked anything so i totaly have no clue??

My needs don’t count in this, i was looking for a overall answer. Thanx anyway for the responce :wink:


Was Plextor EVER the leader in DVD Burners? Not to my knowledge, although there are some diehards that absolutely swear by them. Not to imply that they are bad or anything, but there are quite a few great burners out there, and I would put several ahead of Plextor (except for a rebadged Benq 1640 perhaps ;)).


Well 760 is pretty fine engineering. If it makes Plextor the king? I don’t know.

It sounds like DMA problem (high burning time) and maybe a bad and weak powersupply unit (killing two drives in short period of time).


For years now i hear people only talking about Plextor this Plextor that and i’m not that technical with dvd burners i just believe there story’s maybe not such a good idea but ok it happend now.

What brand do you place on top of your list then and maybe a reason why?

Ok thx you guys convinced me and I’m gonna check the settings later this day. I still thinks it’s wierd because like I mentioned earlier, there is nothing that has changed besides a clean install or software must have changed settings while I wasn’t looking hehe but I doubt that.
Powersupply isn’t a problem because my supply was actualy a bit to much for my system and it has never given any problems.


IMO, Plextors are really for enthusiasts willing to pay the premium for unique features. if you simply want to rip, burn and move on…save your money and go with a BenQ or NEC.

re: your current issues, your IDE channel can revert to PIO mode from DMA on its own due to chronic errors in data transfer - you don’t necessarily have to make any explicit changes for a problem to arise. it could be caused by a bad cable, corrupted IDE driver, etc. what PSU do you have? what’s the amperage of its rails? does it have a lot of ripple (i.e. voltage fluctuation)?

the Plex 740 is a rebadged BenQ 1640 which is a very good burner. you could try cross-flashing to BenQ firmware to see if that helps.


@raz0rblad3: What you probably heard is that Plextor makes the finest CD Burners. Plextor DVD burners are unfortunately a different story. They are not bad, but not as outstanding as their CD burners are.



This: should answer your question (in a general way).


My PSU is 480w Thermaltake

Maybe this is getting a bit off topic but after doing some check up in my system i saw that Plextor isn’t running on DMA mode! I followed the guide on how to change it but for some reason it is changed back?

Any suggestions on how to correct this?


delete the ide channel that your plextor 740 is on and reboot the pc. windows should find it on it’s own. make sure you’re deleting the correct ide channel that the plextor 740 is on. as already mentioned you might consider crossflashing your plextor 740 to the BENQ 1640 firmware. Here’s a link on enabling dma mode and problems with enabling dma mode as well.


check the IDE cable as well and preferably try a known good cable to see if that’s what’s causing your drive to revert to PIO mode.


And remove any Y-split cables that may be attached to the drive.


I don’t like to limit things to one brand, although I would say that most of the drives from Benq, NEC, LG, many from Plextor and Pioneer, some from Liteon, and a few others are all capable of good results. Certain older drives have great reputations for example, although some of their later offerings aren’t necessarily as good. For example, NEC 3500 and LG 4163 both have great reputations, but some of their other models are hit and miss. Currently Benq makes some great drives, and your drive is a rebadge Benq 1640, which is one of the better burners made IMO. I would suggest crossflashing to the 1640 firmware for more features and probably more current media support in general.


Is Plextor still the leader in DVD burners because want new burner!

Once upon a time. … … … .

Better save your money and get a BenQ, NEC or LG drive


Done that, i checked whole system and placed only the drive on the IDE cable.
Deleted IDE channels and reboot.
When XP started the drive is ON DMA mode BUT when i put in a blank disc (that i always used!) PC look like it hangs until i remove disc.
Checking DMA status and it’s back to PIO :frowning:
Have done many setups but problem persists.
Contacted Plextor for RMA because it has to be something with drive.
Suddenly the drive did wierd when nothing has changed and i thought when doing a clean install the problem goes away but it didn’t!

At this point and all i have done i don’t think this will help.

Thanx for all your support.

Maybe my decission, going for a NEC but not sure wich model.
Probably the ND4571 because this is there latest model.

Thanx again all for helping out.


If you don´t need the Labelflash feature the ND-4570.


Well labelflash or not is just a difference of 1 euro :wink:


My Plextor PX755A is much better than my previous Liteon 1693S. That Liteon drive burns DVD that cannot be read by itself! I swear that I will never buy a Liteon drive again.

The Plextor PX755A (and probably the PX760A) is a great DVD burner and I love it. If you want to go Plextor you should consider one of these two.

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