Is plextor 712a still a good drive?

is plextor 712a still a good drive? I mean has it still got the same quality build when it came out a year or more ago?

even better, with 8 (up to date) firmware updates…

I guess the first question to answer is that if you got a 712 that works well like it should, then that side is “yes.” Certainly, I’ve read the fw improvements have been nice add-ons, so provided the 1st answer is ‘yes,’ I imagine the 2nd would also be ‘yes.’ :iagree:

According to Plextor’s website, the 712 has been “End of life” for a few months now, and that would indicate none have been manufactured since the EOL designation was announced.

How long have you had yours, ftp?

BTW, I haven’t seen any more scans from you, or else I’d make sure to comment on them. :bigsmile:

Also, thanks for the info. on the 712 being EOL. I didn’t know that.

Hi Quema34. I’ve had it just under a year. I haven’t posted many new scans because I acquired a large amount of blanks of 3 MIDs (Ritek R03, Maxell002, and FUJIFILM03) last winter and they pretty much always burn the same. I’ve posted them burned at 4, 6, and 8× so anyone searching the scans thread can get a pretty good idea of what each is like at those speeds. I’ve still got lots of blanks left and I don’t use the 712 much for burning movies, mostly downloaded RAR files…

I think it’s against CDFreaks rules to discuss what may or may not be in those RAR files… :wink:

Well, send me a PM where you post those other scans and I’ll be sure to look at them and even comment on them if you wish. :wink: :bigsmile: :iagree:

I just bought a 712SA from Fry’s. According to the scans I did on my Benq 1620, the burning quality was excellent. The problem was that it had issues reading back the discs that it burned (TY and Verbatim 8x). No problems reading discs burned with the Benq. I ended up returning it.

Still the best DVD burner produced by Plextor.