Is PlexTools essential?



Hi, I have installed the plextools 2.32a for my PX760A and in taskmanager I see the plextools.exe take 40mb RAM!! Is plextools essential o can I disable It from autostart??


Most everyday settings (for example bitsetting, Powerec) can be controlled by almost every burning-application. You don’t need PT for those and can disable it. You only need it if you need to control more advanced things like Gigarec, Varirec or Autostrategy.


There’s absolutely no reason for PlexTools to run all the time - unless you think you have too much RAM and your PC is booting too quickly.

My seetings are: Disable PlexTools [I]Automatic run on computer startup[/I], enable the PlexTools [I]Startup maximised[/I] and disable the PlexTools [I]Keep minimized as icon on system tray[/I].


You can control some of the other advanced settings using this.