Is piracy killing the music industry? - it's not the pirates

I just posted the article Is piracy killing the music industry? - it’s not the pirates.

The BBC has an intresting article posted with the opinions of many of their viewers/visitors. The BBC has asked many people if the current slump is music sales is due piracy and if the internet is…

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hey hey! HEY HEY! I have seen whats killing the music industry and it’s not pretty…try a pumped up, full of her own piss and importance osbourne ofspring Egad !!!..ozzie bit the head off the wrong bat…:7

How about the crappy economy or do Music executives think that people will still buy even though there unemployed.

The problem is (and I hope I am wrong) is that the ‘public’. As in the average joes who DO NOT visit etc, tend to fall for the hype of the RIAA etc. This campaign that is gonna be on MTV for instance. I fully expect the majority of viewers to actually believe the hype. You’ve got to be clued up to see the light. Unfortunately Cindy who gets her parents to buy the latest teen pop crap album doesn’t have a clue.

You know, the problem is - americans. In europe we have lot of new fresh music, but the american majors make money with britney spears. We have to steal to get away from britney. :r

Excuse me, but I believe that the current trend of content devoid pop music started with the Spice Girls, a uniquely European creation. Most if not all of the major music labels these days are multinational, so you can’t say that its the Americans getting richer. America has a huge underground music scene that is creating new, fresh music in many genres…but just like Europe’s underground scene its not marketed to the general public. Get off your Eurohorse and stop criticizing Americans for everything thats wrong in the world.

That’s right! It’s all Saddam’s fault. He’s to blame for the stagnant state of pop culture in the western world! Yet another reason to bomb Iraq.