Is Pioneer S18L a rebadged Liteon?



Is Pioneer S18L a rebadged Liteon?I read that it is,in a few texts.


The Pioneer S18L contains a Mediatek chipset. Part of the reason some people avoid the 118/218 series (which includes the S18L) is because some of the previous Pioneers (117/217, 116/216, 115/215, 112/212, 111) contained an NEC chipset. The NEC-chipset Pioneers were considered by many to be superior to the newer, Mediatek-chipset Pioneer.

To answer your question: no. Lite-Ons use Mediatek chipsets, which makes them similar to the S18L. But the S18L burner is a separate design by Pioneer.


Thanks for your answer.I remembered your nickname,you are the author of the thread “Pioneer drives are vanishing”…So seems like your research ended up with the result that they are not Liteons?


I mean this:

“Some Random Guy wrote in the thread “Pioneer dvd writer are vanishing” : just recently rolled out its DVR-118D and 218D, and used the Mediatek chipset, similar to those used in Lite-On burners. In fact, there’s speculation that the the DVR-118D IS a rebadged Lite-On. See the thread”


It is a QSI DDW-241S clone.


And also a piece of crap…