Is Pioneer DVR-218L just a piece of crap?



Last week, I bought a Pioneer DVR-S18L (218L). It worked just fine for 3 days, making quite good burns, etc… After 3 days and ~15 discs burned, it died. No problem, warranty, etc…
I received a brand new DVR-S18L this morning.

I burned some discs, no problem…first disc ok, second ok, third burner “paused” (?) for ~2min (buffer full, disc still spinning), then continued burning. Fourth disc, same thing, except it “paused” 2 times, fifth disc it paused 5 time, and sixth discs it paused 5 times before I interrupt burning.

So, what happened about it ? Is it to hot after a few burn ? Burner is housed in Mapower KC51CS external enclosure (fan on, esata). Sure, enclosure is quite warm, but :confused:


probably crap quality power supply - get a better one! It’s the nerve point …


You mean external enclosure power supply ? I’m using a Toshiba (delta electronics) 12V 3A (external enclosure was shipped with 12V 2A) that used to work fine (with other drives)…but… ?
Or if you mean computer power supply, I’m not concerned :disagree:


I mean the enclosure psu - the writer needs stable/ clean power feed.

Try another one


Yep, already tried 2 different, but since AD-7241S works fine in this enclosure ? Maybe 218 needs stabler or cleaner power feed as you said :doh:

Hum, I think AD-7241S will be back in the enclosure, and 218 on the shelf !


After a week testing with different computers, it seems that my 218 is faulty… As you can see, a 8 min 05 22x burn, because burner “paused” for a while at the begin of the disc.
Quite good burn however :confused:

Burned with Antec Neopower 650 blue power supply, Asus G41 mobo, drive connected to ICH7 sata port, in “ide” mode. No difference with P55 mobo and ahci mode.


Newsflash. the whole lot of 218L’s are GARBAGE. I RMA’ed 2 of them back, replacing them with LightScribe 22X LG’s. The LG’s are whisper quiet in comparison, and no more coasters!!!

Stop torturing yourself over media type, power supplies and whatnot. Dump the Pioneer. They obviously do not stand for quality any more like my old IDE drive did.


I already dumped my Pioneer, bought an iHAS424 to replace, very happy with it :bow:


bought 9 of these 218l pioneer data drives and using them in an external enclosure to do mass dvd duplication. burnt over 500 dvd and 200 cd’s across 8 drives (1 drive as reader).

absolutly no issues whatsoever with these new pioneer drives. purchased them in the uk from eclipse computers. as mentioned in other places if your computer power supply or the power supply feeding the drives has too much ripple voltage and spikes then your guaranteed failures.


No no no, power supply was not faulty ! Tried with Antec neopower 650 blue, Seasonic M12 700W and Corsair HX520, same thing…
Those x18 drives are just crap for me, if you are happy with yours, that’s nice, but i won’t rely anymore on these new QSI/Pioneer.


thats very odd, if there is a general failure of these drives, im sure i would have seen something with 9 of the drives being used for the duplicator machine by now.

where did you purchase your drives from? i got them from UK, were yours from france?


I’m from France (and that’s why my english is so bad) :o Drive from Macway.

Here on a french forum about these drives, we are a few S18L owners experiencing issues… my first one died after a few days, second one takes times while burning, an other one is making coasters from time to time…
I think you are lucky !


hmm thats got me worried a bit, but i will keep an eye on the drives and do some more random disc tests during the course of burning.