Is Pioneer DVR-107d same as the DVR-A07XLA?

:confused: I bought a Pioneer DVR-A07XLA last night, after setup everything and entered into the computer I found the device name of this drive is DVR-107d?

However, the case label shows DVR-A07XLA, is Pioneer DVR-107d same as the DVR-A07XLA? If I want to update the firmware, should I choose the 107d or A07XLA? what it would happen if I update the DVR-A07XLA by the firware DVR-107d ?

BTW, Why it still show A107d in devce name after I updated it to firware 118?

It’s better that the firmware designers to change the name to DVR-107XLA in order to avoid confusion.

pioneer forum is here

I have posted at Pioneer Forum, but it seems nobody answer me yet…