Is PHILIPS DVDR1660K a benq?



as it says , and if it is which one ? found it on some online store in my area , i sure hope its a benq :smiley:

EDIT oops posted in wrong forum


1650, I believe :D…let me just check the drive I crossflashed :slight_smile:

Edit: Well, my Philips DVDR1660 is certainly a BenQ 1650 :iagree:


good to know , but are you sure your philips model ends with a [B]K[/B] like the one i found? , i had a look on tdb’s firmware page and they list DVDR1660[B]P[/B] as a benq 1650 oem , the K aint there :confused:


k is for retail versions I think. I own one whitch I succesfully crossflashed to Benq 1650 . In windows it will be recognized as Philips DVDR1660P. :smiley: Look also at my signature :stuck_out_tongue:



Just check
The people at Philips sell the same drive (see “name in Windows” column) under different names (see “commercial types” column). The latter is, what is written on the box. According to this,
are all detected as DVDR1660P1.
These can be crossflashed to Benq DW 1650 firmware.



thanks for the help guys , anyway i called the shop they have only 1 left, gonna grab it tomorrow , hopefully it will still be there


I also crossflashed my Philips DVDR1660k to BenQ DW-1650 :clap:



finally got it , identified in windows as DVDR1660P1, now just to make sure i wont screw this up , how should i go about cross flashing it to a 1650? should i use the tdb patched firmware or can i update with any standard benq firmware? and whats the best firmware for 1650?


I’ve settled with BCHC firmware and you’ll find rpc1 firmware here.

Using BQFlasher you can crossflash with whatever 1650 firmware you like, although I prefer the safer WinDWFlash+CVT firmware path (hmm, I already smoked one DW1640).

Be aware though, by crossflashing your warranty is gone!


intresting , smoked it eh i wonder what was its flavor ,just kiddin , alredy knew about the warranty , where can i find windwflash/cvt firmware for 1650?

[B]edit[/B] ok found windwflash i noticed it in your signature,still dont know about the cvt firmware,found some places on google with cvt firmwares but couldnt find any for 1650


open up the above link with IE or use the firefox IE Tab plugin to view the page.


i need help real badly , ive cross flashed it with windwflash+bcdc cvt firmware that pinto2 gave me , it worked well but not completly , after i restarted i rand cd dvd-speed to see if i can do disc quality scanning , tried it on a cd @40x it works but not as it should it takes pauses in-between about every 10-15 seconds then goes on and on til it finishes , at first i figured maybe its a cd-dvd speed or firmware issue so i tried some older versions of cd-dvd speed and still problem remained , then flashed it with tdb’s bchc firmware and still … nothing changed, even tried to scan another cd and that was not it either , what should i do to get it fixed?


That’s quite normal easterbunny, no need to panic. :slight_smile:
Check out this post as an example.

Welcome to BenQ world btw. :wink:


thank god , but i do wonder ,how can it scan accuratly when it takes pauses? :doh:, my liteon 52327s cdrw never paused while scanning , thanks again for all of your help :bow:


BenQ’s DVDRW’s are some of the most accurate CD scanners around, (Plextor is still the king though).


i burned a cd with the benq @40x , scanned it in both of my drives , and guess what…: ,who to believe :doh: , the weird thing is that my liteon is not a bad scanner it still scans other cds normally (cds that were burned with it)


so , nobody knows why the scan looks like hell on my liteon and good on the benq?


We already gave you answer a few posts above. If you like to learn more about CD scanning and quality tests you’ll have to do some homework by your own. This forum section might be a good start.

Happy burning. :slight_smile:


where? , i asked why the cd quality scan looks good on my benq and crap on my liteon (and the disc was burned with the benq) and provided screenshots too , no one answered that , and to be honest your reply isnt very helpfull


You’re not the REAL Easterbunny so I’m not telling. The REAL Easterbunny is nice and would never demand answers to questions that have already been answered.