Is Philips DVDR 3300H Harddisk really reliable?

After a couple of weeks of recording on the harddisk and cutting the stuff, all of a sudden I had quite a couple of bad files. Now I am a little worried that this might happen more often and I lost faith in this very comfortable system and saved some stuff on RW-DVDs.
Did this happen to anyone of you. The Player just freezed when I selected the movie to play and I had to turn it off. I cleared the files :sad: ; was there any change of saving them?

This has occasionally been reported, and you should take the recorder back to the source and get a replacement. Hard disk files shouldn’t get corrupted like this, and I’m not surprised you have lost a bit of confidence.

Looks like this might have been a firmware “bug”. The latest firmware improves the stability of HDD playback and divided titles. I had a problem with one divided title. It would sometimes hang the player when I tried to play it. So far it has not happened with the latest firmware and the player is also faster to start playing hdd titles.

I personally wouldn’t trust harddisk, I always burn directly onto a DVD+RW.
When the disc is complete I put into my computer (and edit if necessary) and then burn onto a DVD+R.
Come to that I don’t trust a DVD+RW even if it’s been ‘protected’ nor a DVD+R until it’s been finalised. :rolleyes:

Quite right, that is very good practice. :bigsmile:
Be wary of your DVD RW’s, they’re supposed to last for some 1000 rewrites but are more unreliable than this. I had one go sour on me after only about a dozen rewrites and I left the data stored for 8 months. Fortunately I had other back ups so no harm done.

I cannot be sure ofcourse, however i have had stored plenty data on the HDR-1000 and on the Dreambox harddisks, without a hitch. I only burn what i need to save or want to see else-where. Some data sat there for more than a year or two.
I have no hesitation leaving data on my 3300.

I may be wrong, but from the list of DVDRs that you have posted so far, you don’t appear to have one with a HDD.

I have the same problem with the same player and found a simple solution:
the player freezes on every file recorded earlier than a file you have been editing. So you should edit the files in the same order you recorded them, then the problem will not arise.
but even if a file freezes, you can still burn it on DVD and watch it from there

:slight_smile: No wonder I had the same problem, I was even the same person who asked

Once had this problem, and once only… don’t remember what went wrong…

Anyways, on opening the DVD 3300H I found a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 inside - Never had any problems concerning reliability with these… probably a software glitch

my recorder hangs once in a while, and the only steps I can take then is reboot twice - the first reboot after hanging it is stuck in recording… so I also have to delete the recorded bit after the 2nd reboot… annoying and so far no update has fixed it