Is PAL DVD to NTSC DVD done automatically?

I was wondering that since you can choose the TV region output to NTSC, will the process be done automatically?

If not, will any other 1-click program do it for me? :slight_smile: Like Intervideo WinDVD?


It is according to player, I bought a standalone for that purpose.



DVDFab don’t convert PAL/NTSC, since it need completely decode/encode video/audio.

It’s possible to add it into DVDFab, but I think it’s not needed, since many new DVD players handle both PAL/NTSC.

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fengtao…would it be possible for you to add the pal/ntsc to just one fab gold program for those of us that choose to use it? thanks

Or perhaps a PAL/NTSC converter module that could be purchased separately. Would rather not have the cost or complexity of this function in with DVDFab.

I agree with fengtao, it is a lot of trouble and time consuming when it can be done with a player, which cost less than most software, that plays both formats.