Is online registration required for DVDneXt copy?

I want to install DVDneXt copy on a machine which is not connected to the Internet. In the old days when I used DVDxCopy I could register my copy by phone when installing.

Now I don’t have internet (just use wireless in my notebook) and wondered if I will be able to install DVDneXt copy without an online connection or whether I will have to buy a wireless card for that machine in order to get it to work.

Thanks for any info!

Yes you need to activate it online

You can do that or the offline activating.

How to do an offline activation:

Thank you extremely much! for this procedure.

I am going right now to order my copy of dvdneXt copy. I was hesitating because having to set up a wireless card would have been just one more project (which could go horribly wrong in my hands!)

Grateful Moo! from the Topiary Cow!