Is one single high PI/PIF spike around 135 OK? Please help

I’m using an LDW-851S burner with Ricoh JPNR01 DVD+R’s. The first three discs from my 100 pack burned fine (low PI/PIF count) but these past two discs look similar.

Here is the saved kprobe scan:

If you notice the PI/PIF counts are both very low except it appears that each have one high spike around 135. It must be one single spike because it’s not even on the graph…

Are these burns OK? Should I through away the discs or are they usable?

Is something wrong with my burner?

those are good burns… very good… the spike thing might just be a glitch…its either at the begining or end of the dvd though if its really there at all…

@ sofakng yeah I get those occasionally. I think they are at the very beginning or the very end. If you kprobe again they may not even show up so it is probably a one-time reading glitch. Thse are OK to remove with a right click and select ‘delete the highest value’

Try rescanning that same spot, with 2x scanning instead of 4. If all is well it should not be there when you rescan - Would not worry about a single spike - You can reassure yourself by scanning the DVD for read errors or comparing/verifying the data.

Your glitch is caused by a very low sample count. Is this a very slow system or is the system very busy doing something else while you are scanning. Typical sample counts are greater than 100,000. Make sure your drive is not on the same IDE channel as the harddrive and don’t multitask while scanning. :wink:

It’s definitely a glitch. Try Nero CD-DVD Speed’s quality test and see if the spike is present. :wink: