Is official NEC firmware update available?

Any word on when an official NEC Firmware update from NEC will be available and if it will support Single layer Bitsetting?


I too would like to know this as I just bought some DataSafe DVD+R’s with RITEK R03 dye and the 3500 with f/w 2.16 limits them to 4x recording, they are stamped 8x on the disc!!

I know the 2.27 f/w will support them @ 8x, but I don’t want to flash beta f/w in case it screws up the other media I have that is writing fine!

I went to the NEC UK ‘Contact Us’ page and it wants all your personal info just for a simple query :frowning: Needless to say I didn’t bother!!

Expected around 5th October :slight_smile: Heres hoping there is no delay

How do you know? Did you contact NEC directly?

Nope CDR-Info have recieved the news! i simply read what they put :slight_smile:

whoa, looking forward to the official f/w release from NEC.