Is Office Depot Brand 4x DVD-RW any good?

Is Office Depot Brand 4x DVD-RW made in Taiwan any good?
They’re currently on sale at $8 for a 25 pack.
Today (Saturday, 03-31-07) may be the last day of the sale.


If they are Ritek media, they might be okay.

If they are Optodisc they probably aren’t very good.

I have had very poor luck with cheap -RW or +RW media…

I haven’t purchased them yet.
Would Ritek or Optodisc be on the hub or somewhere else? lists it as RITEK W04, don’t know if that helps or not. :slight_smile:

I’ve used and continue to use these discs for over a year since they’re one of the rare deals that you’ll encounter in 4x -RW, or any RW media really. They work well for me, I use them in a standalone recorder mostly though sometimes on my burners. Just remember that you’ll need to confirm that your device(s) support 4x -RW media, which won’t be an issue with newer burners. Older burners and recorders are another story. P.S. - and yes they are Ritek W04.

They have the +RW at the same price. lists them as RICHOJPNW11
The same 3 people left the same empty comments for both the +RW and -RW.
It lists their setup with no results.

If this is what they turn out to be then they should be ok.

I bought the -R last time they had it at $8. I’ve used one or two of them a bunch of times and several once each. It is RitekW04. No problems so far, except one of my Apex stand alone players sometimes needs a ‘power off reboot’ to get the disc to read. Cycling the power does always get it to read ok though.