Is OEM DVD writer OK for empty slot?



Hi everyone …

Friend wants DVD writer for backups. Has 2 yr old Dell desktop which I think has empty drive bay. (o/w I’ll have to whip the existing combo drive out).

Would an “OEM” drive be OK (e.g. BenQ 1620 or does he need a Retail Pack?? (Or is the difference only the shiny cardboard) The BenQ used to come with software but the price has been reduced :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it would work OK with Windows writing facility or Roxio Easy CD creator 5??

Thx for any advice


Easy CD 5 is getting a bit long in the tooth to support the drive - and ECDC5 is not supported in XP SP2


Would an “OEM” drive be OK (e.g. BenQ 1620 or does he need a Retail Pack?? (Or is the difference only the shiny cardboard)
OEM simply means all you get is the drive. Retail includes burning software, an IDE cable, an audio cable (digital/analog) and maybe some other exciting (not) bonus software.(and a pretty box for recycling)


CDBurnerXP works on my BenQ 1620. It burns data CDs and DVDs, and audio CDs quite well. And it is free.


Hey thanks for the replies everyone.

Sounds like an OEM drive with CDBurnerXP (if nec) would do the trick as there is a spare connector on the IDE cable. But … while the Dell computer has an empty slot, the slot expects a drive with a (Dell custom?) bit of green plastic screwed to it. Anyone know where I get the green plastic and the screws !!!


I’m not farmiliar with the dell specifically but if he has one of those contoured cases where the original drive or the cover for the empty slot contours with with the case, they expect you to buy a drive from them to fit the case contour. You may just be stuck with an ugly computer where the face doesn’t match up. Try calling dell to see if there is a faceplate or flip open cover of some sort that will work with a normal drive.


Thanks ripit actually the bigger problem is the mounting. I’d call the green plastic thing a caddy only all it is is a bit of plastic that goes round 3 (or is it 2?) sides of the drive and easily allows you to slot the drive in and out without use of a screwdriver. Maybe Dell can help (doubtless they will charge £10 for a 1p bit of plastic!!!) but there must be some Dell users out there who have come across this before …


So its a quick release system for the drive (kind of like using drive rails). My guess is that they expect these things to get lost and probably have them avalable as parts. You are also right, they will probably want to rip you off. I would defantally check ebay for an item like that. It wouldn’t hurt to look around online to see if any resellers cary them too.


I cant imagine it would be hard or costly to visit the local hardware store and make something up yourself.


Yes “drive rails” sounds like it. Although I’m not completely inept it would probably take me years to knock up something myself so I’ll see what I can find!!