Is O/S Disk Specific to One PC Mfg.?

I have a HP/Compaq laptop but a Dell XP O/S Disk. The Disk says “Only for Dell”.Will I have problems installing the Dell XP O/S on the HP/Compaq laptop?
Thank you:o

Yes, they are specific.

Every motherboard model can have different components on it, needing different drivers - the LAN port, the audio, video-capabilities, USB chipsets, memory controllers - all of these can and usually are different, model number to model number. So an HP Recovery Disk for one HP model probably won’t work for another HP model.

This is true for separate motherboards, too. Asus, MSI, ASRock, and every other assembler/mfr will provide a Drivers Disk for that one model.

Often, any attempt to cross-install results in a quick refusal (failure) and all the Name Brand folks have to do is insert a “works on X models” (listing any additional model numbers) and the Recovery Process shuts down.

Sometimes, I’ve been able to trick those IF I know what every motherboard-components’ version is. I mean, Dell, HP, Sony - they all buy from a finite set of suppliers (who seem to offer an infinite subset of products though!) - and often those component suppliers have their own drivers that can be installed separately. But it’s a chore and, on notebooks, it takes such a de-assembly process first, then re-assembly and testing to see what works and doesn’t.

If it’s what I think it is you won’t have any problems,
ChristineBCW is mostly talking about a Recovery disc/or one that came with a new computer, not a regular O/S XP Disc.

[QUOTE=SkipperChaim;2696619]…the Disk says “Only for Dell”.[/QUOTE]
Yes, I mentioned “Recovery Disk” because Skip’s comment doesn’t refer to a “regular OS disk”.

The second-half of Dell’s XP disks (from 2005 on?) had slipstreamed in a set of SATA drivers for a range of model numbers but not a generic SATA driver.

There’s not much harm in trying it, though. At worst, you’ll have installed drivers that waste space but can’t be used (or at least properly) and if you can find better drivers, those should wipe out ‘incorrect’ ones and then the parts should work fine.

Thanks to everyone who responded. It is just a Windows XP O/S disk, not a Recovery/Driver disk so I guess there won’t be a problem. :iagree:

Dell operating system “reinstallation” discs will typically only work on dell hardware.

The nice thing is that if you are actually working with a dell that originally came with a specific operating system Dell computer are not particular about the version
of the operating system.

Which is to say if you originally had the “home” version the “pro” version will also work.

You cannot however “upgrade” (from XP to Vista or Vista to 7) without an appropriate CoA (product code)

You CAN typically “downgrade” the OS, though this does not always work smoothly
on some machines… there are driver issues with certain hardware (typically sound drivers and WiFi drivers on notebooks)

I’ve never been able to make the Sound driver and the WiFi driver work at the same time on my Dell 1525 with Windows XP (originally a Vista machine, but it works fine with 7)