Is Nintendo breaking into the app business with the Wii-U?



Is Nintendo breaking into the app business with the Wii-U?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Let's all be honest in saying that Nintendo has been struggling a little bit lately. From the outside looking in, and to anyone who doesn't necessarily play video games a lot, Nintendo will seem just as stable as it has ever been. But, to the general public that live and breath gaming, Nintendo's two most recent releases (The Wii and 3DS) obviously haven't had the same "success" as the companies previous endeavors. Recent news has suggested that Nintendo is aiming to pull themselves from with slump by releasing the impressive looking "Wii-U," and we now know that the Wii-U might come packaged with Nintendo's very own rendition of the ever popular "App Store."

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An “app” store for a console - which is fixed to one spot, near the TV…

The App/android stores are popular because:

  1. Games are cheap
  2. games are simple
  3. Devices are portable, and the store games can be played in those moments when you can’t do anything else.


Very much in agreement about the portability but price point seems to be Nintendos issue. The wii-u will supposedly be able to be played on the portable controller screen in another room, but yes, once you leave your home it’s no good.