Is NFS Undercover DPM Data Saying Wrong?

Hi again after a long time,
I’ve bought NFS Undercover yesterday. First i scanned original disc by ProtectionID, result is here:

Scanning -> E:
File Type : Exe, Size : 16164112 (0F6A510h) Byte(s)
-> File Appears to be Digitally Signed @ Offset 0F69000h, size : 01510h / 05392 byte(s)
-> Suspicious MZ Header.. 
[!] SecuROM Detected - Version 07.38.0012
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Check String -> Please insert
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Key or Serial Check -> CDKey
- Scan Took : 0.31 Seconds

It is secured with Securom 7.38, you can see… I closed PID and made it’s image (DPM included). After complete it, i controlled by MDF Viewer. Result is here:

Isn’t there any wrong on this graphic? Normally there must be some thick and regular spikes on graphic i think. But as you see line is smooth. Like an unprotected game, isn’t it? What i don’t know, inform me please. Thank you…

SecuROM online activation without disc check (should be stated on your box) ?
Haven’t you played yet ?

Thanks for info. Sure, its working. I’ve seen this type of protection in Crysis Warhead and FIFA 09 too. I think this is EA’s newest protection type: “Install game from anywhere, but activate to play with an original key only”.
Thanks again Terramex…