Is Next Copy the same software as X Copy was?




I used to use 321 Studios DVD X Copy Platinum until they were forced out of business. The program worked flawless every time and never made one single coaster. I am just recently getting back into backing up my DVD collection. I purchased DVDFab 5 but have been disappointed by the software. It has problems with looping chapters to the begginning of the movie, looping after the menu, etc. I wanted to know if DVD Next Copy is the same software as the defunct X Copy, minus the decrypter. If so, is it still a good program? What decrypter works best with the software?

My goal in the past and now has been to keep an archived DVD as close to the original as possible with no compresssion. I usually keep the previews, warnings, etc. and just split the disc onto 2 DVD-5’s. I like to put all of the extra stuff on the second disc and keep the menu on disc 2 as well. Also I like to be able to have disc 2 start with the split title when inserted. On top of that a program with good dual layer support is a must for when the media price drops a bit. Would Next Copy be the best choice for this? If not, what software would? I need something that can consistently perform well.

I appreciate the help!


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[B]Is Next Copy the same software as X Copy was?[/B]

            No I do not believe it is, but we have NeXtCopy support here that will guide you further.


Hi, there is a lot of questions so I’ll try to get them all in one post if I forget to answer something feel free to reask.

DVD neXt COPY isn’t the same as DVD X COPY it is a totally different company.

Splitting a DVD to 2 disc can’t happen. I have no ideal what software if any does this now maybe CloneDVD2 if I remember right but then there is no way to join the two discs again if wanted.

You can use custom mode and remove the warnings and adverts and just have the movie with the menu or the movie + extras and the menu if you choose.

The few dual layer copies I have made are beautiful. At the same time I can’t see a difference with DL vs. SL with this program.

All in all just give DVD neXt COPY a good trial (sorry it is only 3 day trial) and see what you think. Version 3 is right around the corner and it proves to be moving forward in bigger and better ways.


On the decrypter you get a choice…

  1. The machinist plugin = Free

  2. AnyDVD = Not Free

They both work well most of all my testing is with the machinist but I do own AnyDVD as well.


I think that answers all of my questions.

Since you can’t split the movie, I would imagine that if you burned the movie, menu, and extras onto one DVD-5 it would have quite a bit of compression? I am using an upconverting 1080P DVD player into a 1080P LCD TV. I would think with a compressed source you would get a noticeable loss of quality?

As far as rejoining the split discs onto a DL later, I can’t think of a reason I would want to do that. I would rather have 2 discs at 100% quality vs 1 at reduced quality. I guess it’s a catch 22…I don’t think you can uncompress a compressed disc onto a DL either.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions! This forum is great for finding out the facts about these programs. After doing Google searches and reviewing the comparison charts I realized that the charts/websites are inconsistent and biased.


No problem, I try to be fair and partial as software is ranked or praised due to personal preference rather than speak of what choices you can have. Still no harm in trying the trial though to see if you may be interested in it.


I’ve just been looking into this question myself. For some reason I was on the neXt copy mailing list and I was sure its because I used to own X Copy. After a bit more searing I found this in my old emails:

Dear Loyal Customer,

You are receiving this notice because you elected to be notified of any new DVD COPY software. Because you are a former DVD X Copy customer, you can get DVD neXt COPY at our Special Discount price

The neXt generation of DVD COPY Software has arrived. No more coasters or wasted blank disks. Latest technology and fastest burns times. Makes perfect backup copies of all your DVD movies. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

For those that already own DVD neXt COPY, you can download the latest update
DVD neXt COPY V1.0.4.1 on our website."

Also, if I go to the old X copy website, it now has links to neXt copy! Looks like the same company to me…


No it isn’t I am willing to bet the next copy people bought that website to redirect traffic to theirs.


[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2170183]No it isn’t I am willing to bet the next copy people bought that website to redirect traffic to theirs.[/QUOTE]

Thats what I am thinking also.


I was in the same boat for many years with the 321 progs Next Copy is basically the new age of 321, the bonus is I find even better I got Express ver., and I still go with standard DVD format, the plus is it will dual layer for you, which most commerical discs are these days, haven’t had an issue with it yet, if I do they have support 24/7. I also use AoA dvd copy, have to cross my fingers every time with that one, alot of screw ups, they as well have support 24/7 , But as I said dvd NextCopyExpress was a jewell, totally
reminded me of the quality of 321XPlatinum, but now, I can copy and burn in dual layer, no hassles, Pro is the better deal, Express comes with, Ultimate,unsure haven’t looked yet, but originally they had free trials on the
original 3 vers try it out, you’ll see I’m,dead on about they are they new 321. Pounder.