Is NewEgg a reliable seller?

i am adding another dvd nec 6750a drive. i have always found these on ebay but have been told to try NewEgg.

are they a good seller?

There are none better. A-1

from what i have heard they are very good, but only ship to america… so a little out of my range. i remember an april fools joke “newegg bought out dell”

They are the best in the USA, I have bought alot of things from them and I have never had a problem.

Yes they are an extremely good site to buy computer related hardware. I never had a problem with Newegg. I am sure you will be satisfied buying from them. Good luck.

Neweggs great but if you got to return something it’s gonna cost ya. Usually you don’t so that’s a good thing.

Monarch and ZipZoomFly are two other reputable N.American based PC suppliers.

Newegg is excellent. 20+ orders, never a problem.

I have placed over 50 orders with Newegg over the past three years, and I am a very satisfied customer. Their customer service is excellent.

Most of the computer equipment I have, I purchased from Newegg, including my NEC DVD burner.

Newegg, Chief Value (sister company to Newegg), Zip Zoom Fly & Monarch Computers are the cream of the crop. Find the best price between these stores and you won’t be disappointed.
Check out Resellerratings on Newegg here: Newegg

Although their ratings have slipped a few points over the last few months, Newegg still has the best ratings of any computer etailer, according to Customer Ratings indicates a Lifetime Rating of [B]9.63[/B] based on a Lifetime Review by over [B]10,411[/B] customers.

A few points… how about a few TENTHS of a point…

Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department…

This is true but they have given me FREE next day FEDEX on 2 replacement items i had to send back. You need to contact CS to get it :wink:

Majority of my burners are from newegg. I get most of my orders within 2-3 days after ordering. I’ve placed more online orders from them than any other e-retailer.

Anandtech got a tour of Newegg. pretty amazing supply chain setup:

I agree with everyone’s sentiment about Newegg. I recently purchased a drive from them and when it arrived, there was a rattling noise inside. Although the drive was bubble-wrapped, the popcorn wasn’t filled completely to prevent sliding around. Without installing the drive, I called to get a RMA ticket. It’s true that they don’t cover shipping costs back to them, since they are a reseller, but using Live Chat, the representative was nice enough to offer $10 in return to cover the charges.

I concur with the general consensus. Great retailer. Bought all the parts of my computer from them (except monitor). A++

One thing no one is highlighting though is their shipping. I almost always get things faster than it says on the website. Very fast shipping.

i use both zipzoomfly and newegg
they are both great

That’s cool I can’t even count the times I’ve ordered from newegg. I almost returned my new Hyundai lcd monitor turns out I ended up loving it so much I didn’t. Also it was one of them you cannot return items because of pixel issues. Mine was mint no bad pixels on my lcd monitor. So I talked with a customer service rep and they let me rma it, but like I said I wanted to keep it after I got used to it. At first it seemed hard on my eyes trying to read text, but I am loving it now. So the CS is great. :iagree: