Is Netscape ripping off people?

I subscribed to NETSCAPE internet service using the link on his webpage that says “30 days risk free-Sign Up Now”. This suckers charged me the monthly fee the following day, and when I called to ask about that, I was told that the 30 days risk free promotion is given by Netscape in a “RANDOM BASIS”, that is, will only apply to SOME of the people signing up. When I call again to cancel my account because I felt ripped off, I was told again that it only applies to people who get a pop up window giving them the promotion.

This attitude is far from being from a serious company, so, if you are thinking on trying Netscape, think it twice because you don’t want to deal with a company that lures you with offers that are not honored.

By the way, I waited about 10 minutes to be able to get assistance to cancel my account.

Im sure there was somw real small fine print or a ** somewhere showing that there was more to it

Netscape still lives?
And the moral of the story is
always read the fine print


Nowhere in their web page says it will be on a “RANDOM BASIS”.

Just sit back and feel thankful it wasnt AOL

I used to have Netzero with their unlimited plan for $9.99 a month. They canceled my membership because apparently I was taking up too much of their bandwidth. Soon after getting DSL, I got a letter from them about a class action lawsuit regarding this very same thing. Serves them right!