Is Nero7 worth purchasing?

I have been deliberating over the purchase of Nero7 for some time now. I downloaded the trial version and it worked extremely well for me, especially in the burning of my files on to a disc.
I have heard a large amount of horror stories about this version. I have heard many good stories about 6.6 and most of the 6 versions. I know it is a matter of some good and some bad but I would love to hear from anyone about their experiences and/or opinions. Would it be better to wait until the bugs are fixed in version 7? Should I buy 6.6 now and upgrade later? Is version 7 really that bad?
One other question I do have is regarding the various offers that come up as links offering a free Nero7 or 6.6 etc if you sign up for some promotion. Do these versions from whatever vendor is promoting them work just the same as the version downloaded from Nero itself?

The 6.6.x.x seem to be good…used them without major problems for quite a while. Latest seems to be that the 7 series is ok WITH the recent updates, but there are worthy alternatives around such as Win which are also cheaper.
Maybe Nero is gonna wake up soon and present a new version that isn´t patches on patches on patches…and it will be GOOD.

I have other questions: there is something in nero 7 that nero 6 don’t have? And do you really need these things?

In my opinion no to both, but you’re the only that can answer to these questions :slight_smile:

That´s the reality - Nero ruled, but is it still able to cut it? Plenty of alternatives are available and good if not better packages are appearing. If you are looking to buy right now, don´t automatically choose Nero…no way do I need to change my Nero - Hell, I dont see any need right now to even update it (had some problems when I tried it…so back to the “original”)

…is watching a movie, eating chocolate, and smoking…but needs sleep more than any update in the world)

What are some of the alternatives I should be looking at?

One of the best burning softwares is Imgburn. It only works with image files (like ISO for example), but is one of the best available, and it’s free :wink:

…And Burrrn is good for making audio CDs (free also) :slight_smile:

What about Cheetah or Ashampoo. I don’t mind spending a little bit for the added flexibility.

Does anyone know if the licence key for Nero 7 will work for the 6 series?

No, a popup comes up and tell you you have a valid key but not for this product."

Thanks alan, that saves me hours of dial up downloading, just to be dissapointed.
I would think that they would let you do this, giving all the bugs they have had in Nero 7.
If they allowed backwards activation, I guess people would be more inclined to go with what works, and bugs in the new version would never get addressed.

As far as bugs in Nero 7. Mine must not have shipped with any crackers in the box cause I’ve not seen any bugs.