Is nero the best?

I have had problems with older versions of nero and im curious has nero become a better program or is there other software that works twice as good as nero?

it depends on what you need. nero is a huge suite of programs. I probably have about a dozen to a dozen and a half programs that do things that the nero suite is capable of.

i prefer nero for data burns and like the ease of use with nero vision express, but that’s about it.

and i only use version

just saying “what works as well as nero” is too broad. are you looking for a substitute for nero recode? nero backitup? nero vision? nero photosnap? etc, etc…

you won’t find a program that’s an “all-in-one” like nero is, but there are dozens of different dvd and audio applications out there.

well I use to burn dvds and im starting to get back into the lingo and I used nero alot but alot of the times there where errors and nero couldnt burn and it all became a big hassle and alot of the times I would lose my patience with it. I dont need an all in one package I just need one program to burn dvds.

Just my personal opinion, nero 6.6? is the best do everything program there is (there is nothing else out there that has so many capabilities that is as good). There are of course single function programs that can do individual tasks beter but nero handles many things well. I usally use nero for most things and if it fails to perform to my likeing, then I look for a program to do that particular task. Most of the bugs are worked out in nero 6.6? now. Nero 7 is another story. It is as buggy as nero 6 was when it was new (which was pretty severlly buggy). If nero 6 is any example, it will probably take them quite a while to get all the bugs (or most of the bugs) worked out in ver 7.


I think that Nero 6.6.xx is the best out there at the moment-

While it is not perfect - it certainly does a whole lotta things very well

Try to find an OEM ‘Suite 3’ on or google for it - it gives you all the meat and potatoes of the $69 ‘Ultra’ version for under $10-eh!


Nero is the best bugged burning app I know…

It is okay for me with except for CDDA and DL.