Is Nero right for me?

Basically, Im trying to burn data DVDs directly from a networked terastation. they contain Mp2 files. When I try to do this, I keep getting a message that I need to copy the files to my tower’s HD before I burn. Why is that? I was reffered to try Nero6+ and was wondering if it seriously can help avoiding this matter.
I simply need to burn these DVDs from the network without wasting the time of copying them to my HD. Is Nero the key to getting around this?
any help is greatly appreciated!

Yes nero is right for you

Just try to download the Nero in Demo version install it and try it out and find out if that suit your needs.

There may actually be a valid reason for copying it to your hard drive first. Dvd burns data very fast, especially with higher speed burns. Even going directlly from an internal hard drive, if the hard drive is too fragmented, it can cause problems. You might want to try benchmarking how fast you can pull data from the terra station. Also, are others using the tera station at the same time as you? If so, they could crash your burn. Burning with slower speed disks might ease the need for fast data transfer a little, but slower speed disks are getting harder to find (good ones anyway) and that defeats the purpose of saving time.
Thats why it’s not recomended to burn dvd on the fly. It’s not that you cannot do it, its that there are lots of things that can cause a momentary slowdown in the data flow that can hurt the burn quality or crash the burn.
sisoft Sandra (just google it) might be able benchmark the network speed (not sure as I’m not to farmiliar with networks). You need about 24MBps and have to be able to sustain it with out slowdowns for 16x burning if I am not mistaken.

Thanks a bunch…I actually downloaded 7 last night and is working great for what I need to be doing with this DVD data disc archive Im making. Will be buying it shortly.
Could you refer me to any sites that get nitty gritty with step by step explanations/definitions/facts of how a DVD is burned…eg cache files, underbuffer run etc?
I am interested in learning a lot more about it. Thanks again!

I like Nero 6,I use DVDFAB,with DVDShrink,then burn with nero on my LG Multi. Nero will do a good job.

You can refere to the following site for step by step instruction:

I recently bought an OEM copy of Nero, which comes with several extra programs or, I think they are. Anyway my problem is that I have a BenQ DW 1620 drive which came with Sonic Record Now Deluxe. The reason that I bought the Nero cd was because I have had so much trouble writing to DVD-R disks. I have already upgraded the firmware which seemed to help a little but not totally. The media I am burning is Taiyo Yuden TYGO2. If the Nero OEM suit is not right for me, and the Sonic software won’t work either, then I don’t think the BenQ 1620 is not the best drive for me. I know this is not a part of the original question but if someone knows of a drive that, reliably burns DVD-R media and can be read in most DVD drives, can someone give me some suggestions.