Is Nero needed?



This is going to be an odd question to some of you and I know that at the end it’s probably going to be more about preference more then anything.

So with that…

For my burner which I finally got to work :slight_smile: , I’m wondering if Nero is really needed. I am using Shrink and Decrypter for my dvd rip/recordings.
I’m using Windows Media Player 10 for my audio cd rip/burns.
So really, I don’t need Nero then if all these other bases are covered, right?
I’m still a newbie so burning dvds is still foreign to me.
The only thing I can think of for keeping Nero would be for maybe mpegs and home video?
Again, being a newbie I’m not sure if you can burn home movies or mpegs with decrypter. And if you can, I wouldn’t know where to begin ;).

Any thoughts?
I know a lot is preference of one software to another but I guess I was just curious as to what others thought to my question.



Depends. You can use other programs similar to Nero for those applications that you mentioned. Personally I don’t touch Nero since I have had nothing but rotten luck with their software. I have used RNM (which is an outdated program) and the newer Prassi ONES. If you have already got Nero though and it works then keep using it. :wink:


Hey Rafael…

Do a search on threads that I’ve started. It was called VHS to DVD. (if your trying to turn VHS’s into DVD’s that is) Mike tuned me onto a nice inexpensive program on how it’s done. Lots of great info in that thread on the process.



Oh great… here I am thinking about mpegs and home movies (from my miniDV) and you have to remind me about VHS movies as well.

That means I’ll have to go and buy a VCR… do they still sell them? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Mark.
I’ll for those threads and see what I can find.



Yo Jedi5-

If you want to get a great price on Nero Suite 3 (has all the good stuff) - you can pick it up for $13 shipped from and it allows you to upgrade to the latest and greatest (?) versions of Nero6-

Also - be sure to upgrade your official firmware there are now SIX revisions to 1.04 - and you will want the latest one-



I have the $99 Nero only used it once for putting two movie avi’s together to burn on one dvd. But all hubby uses is Nero for the Showtime and the media player. He transfers alot of old lps and mini disc tapes to cd. I have several other programs I bought for video and audio tranferring but Decrypter and Shrink still gives ME the best results. CINDI :slight_smile:


Hey Rafael…

Here ya go. I dug it up for you. VHS to DVD



Talk about overwhelming!

Thanks for the thread, Mark.
Something that I’m sure I’m going to look into down the road.

What happened to the good’ol days of hooking up one vcr to another vcr?

And I though I had a lot to learn with all this EDGE talk for my V635 phone.



Hey Rafael…

What happened to the good’ol days of hooking up one vcr to another vcr?

DVD :smiley: . The times they are a changing. And for my Sanity, (quiet Mike) I’m glad they are. It’s one of the only things that have kept me occupied while I recover from my 2nd back surgery. Plus Mike & I get to give each other SH_T now and then or when ever possible.:bigsmile: So sit back, grab some time, and have fun!!!



Yo Mark-

You would have more sanity - IF you used the -R’s like I keep telling ya-

Got my Verbatim 8x -R’s today - got them offa Amazon for $30 for 100 cakebox - including shipping after $30 MIR…

Sweet deal or what??



Hey Mike…
There ya go being negative again. That is a sweet deal except with your luck, they’ll send the rebate to me. :bigsmile:



I think a good feature in Nero is the choice between: PAL and NTSC systems at the tip of your finger.
Old John