Is Nero hiding 5GB on my hard drive?



Here’s my deal - I reinstalled XP and got Norton Ghost to make a full backup of my hard drive to restore easier later. Hard drive was under 5gb big at this point. I saved the backup to my seperate 80gb hard drive. Then I burned it using Nero to a DVD - I had to use UDF/ISO format I believe since it was bigger than 2gb.

Now the problem is - even though I KNOW my hard drive can’t be bigger than about 5 gb - it’s reading that it’s almost TEN GB. I have explored my folders and these are the sizes I’m seeing on the C: drive:
1.96gb - Windows
2.96gb - Program Files
>200mb - Other Folders


Did Nero hide a copy of some sort of the huge ghost backup file I burned to DVD?? I searched for *.v2i files, but nothing turned up.

P.S. I had UT2004 installed, but I uninstalled it and removed its folder. I can’t see how it would be hanging around either.


What version of Nero are you using?


Have you got Norton Recycle Bin? usually files you delete remain in that. If you have it just empty recycled files


also do a scandisk sometimes the files get cross-linked


Thanks for your replies.

My Nero software is the OEM version that came with my Sony DRU-710a - I upgraded it to and Nero Recode is at

As far as a “Norton Recycle Bin” = where would that be? It doesn’t appear to be in program files unless it’s hiding the filesize.

Also - how would a scandisk help? Just run it and you’re thinking that windows would sort out that it is calling to the wrong drive and showing too much used space?

Appreciate the ideas guys.