Is Nero for DVDs only? What about CDs?

My Nero OEM Suite says “For DVD Rewriters Only”. Why? Can I use it with CD rewriters? If not, whats the best freeware for my Sony cd rewriter?

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No , Nero is for CD & DVD writers but it’s possible that the copy you have will only recognise the burner that it can with.

If you need additional programs then CDBurnerXP Pro is a general purpose app and Burrrn is excellent for Audio CDs. Both are free.

Right now I still use WinME. May switch to XP soon. But anyway, My Sony CD burner used to work fine with the CD Complete software. But I haven’t had it connected lately. Now I bought a Lite-On DVD rewriter which came with Nero OEM Suite. Works great. But when I re-hooked up my Sony CD burner(without installing the Sony software), Neither the CD burner nor the DVD burner would recognize a disk. So I un-hooked up the CD burner and now the DVD burner works fine. So, whats my problem?

And by the way, I had problems with UDF files when I used to use Adaptec years ago. I’m still trying to figure out how to get those precious picture files back off the cds. Now today I installed the Sony software on a DIFFERANT pc and, although I have used it before, I had NEVER used the abCD program. I just discovered that it is a UDF packet writer…AAAHHHHHH!!! So, what is a recommended software (freeware) that can be used for drag-n-drop that isn’t a UDF packet writer? Does anything exist?

The problem when you connect the CD writer was probably down to conflicting jumper settings on the 2 devices.

There isn’t any real way of avoiding packet writing software if you want drag & drop other than using DVD-RAM burners & RAM discs.

The Liteon really needs to use 80wire IDE cables (aka Ultra 66 , 100 or 133) for best performance.

The Adaptec (now Roxio) software was actually quite a good packet writer application & I’ve used it over the years without too much of a problem.

It’s possible that an app called ISOBuster might be able to get the files off for you but the best option would be a temporary install of the original software.