Is nero data verification reliable?


I think I am going crazy ! :doh:

2 weeks ago, I bough a Sony DRU-810A. I only have a laptop, so the burner is in a NEXTAR 2 enclosure (firewire/usb). Everything was fine until I started to check the Data Verification box.

And here I realize that nothing was fine at all : I systematically have a “Sector XXX on disc has different content to source” error. However, the burning process itself is successful and I can read the DVD. It is only the verification that has an issue.

There are many posts and advices on the forum regarding this kind of problem so I tried to follow them.

I did some tests, I set the burning speed to 4x (which is the minimum on my burner), I updated the firmware, I used different DVD format (DVD-R memorex, DVD+R TDK, DVD+RW Sony)… and I always have the same error.

Finally, I tried to create an nrg image from the files that are on my hard drive, and to burn the image. And, Surprise ! The verification is successful. I did the same test with a ISO image => verification failure. I re tried with a nrg image => verification successful. :confused: :confused:

I precise that during all these tests :

  • I was burning from the same hard drive
  • I was burning the same data
  • the DVD was readable even if the verification was not successful.

Then I started to have a doubt so I thought that it would be a good idea to do a checksum to compare files on my disk and files on the DVD.

  • On the DVD with the verification failure => 10 avi files, 2 with a different checksums compared to the files on my hard drive
  • On the DVD with the successful verification => 10 avi files, 3 (not the same) with a different checksum :doh: :a :a :a :a :a :a

So I would be very pleased if someone could tel me :

  1. If I am suppose to trust the result of this $^ù@%§ verification
  2. How is it possible to burn successfully a nrg image and not the iso image ?
  3. How come is it possible to have different checksums, especially when Nero says that the verification is successful?
  4. Why is Nero considering that the DVD has been burned correctly if some data are corrupted ?
  5. What can I do to burn a DVD without having corrupted files ?

Thanks for your help !

By the way, here are the scans of the 2 DVD, verification faillure DVD first.

I had issues with Nero’s verification years ago & found it to be unreliable but this was largely down to the media I was using. Now I use quality media it always succeeds on the rare occassions I use it.

These are the 2 apps I’ve used to verify my burns.

. Windiff from Microsoft

. CDCheck available from here . You might have to register (free) to get a key for it.

Are you overclocking your system? Overclocking can lead to such problems.

Strange corruptions problems like these can often be the result of bad RAM.
You could try downloading and running memtest86+ to see if there’s anything wrong with your system memory.


Regarding the media, I use what I believe to be good DVD brand : Memorex, Verbatim, TDK, Sony etc. I do not think the issue is there.

My system is not overclocked… however, it is a laptop so the temperature of my CPU is often very high (around >80°C) and so the temperature of my hard drive (> 50°C). Can it be the cause ?

In fact, I am much more concerned by the checksum that is not the same when I compare the file on the DVD and the one on the hard drive. Here I am talking about video, so one or two bytes is not really the matter. You will not even notice it when you will watch it.

Unfortunately, I am also using this burner to backup some sensitive data. And I can not afford to have a corrupted backup. And I do not even speak about what could happen is the corrupted files is a DLL or a EXE. For instance, I have recently seen a news saying that many issues regarding Windows Vista beta testing are coming from corrupted files on the burned DVD used for the installation. That is why Microsoft ask now to burn them in 1X

Anyway, I will do some tests with CDCheck, Windiff and memtest86+ and I will give you an update asap

Just for clarification Memorex is not considered by most here to be decent media, just the opposite infact.


There is Definitively something wrong with nero (at least on my computer).
I did a verification of a burned DVD with CDCheck and the result was fine.
The same DVD with nero shows the classical :
“Sector XXX on disc has different content to source”

I will try memtest86+ next.

Nero’s verification is about as reliable as passing money to a crack addict on their first day of rehab.