Is Nero and ConvertXtoDVD conflict?

Please help me, I have DVD writer Plextor PX-750A and DVD player Asus. I installed Nero for burning. And then, I feel that I need to add subtitle to my movies, so I install ConvertXtoDVD, everything seem alright until I start to burn the movie to DVD, my DVD players suddenly won’t recognize any DVD or CD, yes, both of them. I thought that may be something wrong with them, so I reinstalled driver and even update firmware, but everything’s still wrong. Then I thought there’s must be some conflicts in my computer, so I remove all softwares that concern to burning. My DVD players work great again. I installed Nero (8), they’re still work great. But after I install ConvertXtoDVD (mine is 2.2), they’re in problem again…:sad::sad:. So, can anyone tell me if there’re any conflict between them?. Please, I really need your helps…

PS: ah, at the first time, when I reinstalled driver and update firmware, my players can recognize DVD and CD again, but the writer won’t recognize blank DVD, it can only recognize and burn blank CD, seem like it becomes a Combo DVD.

PPS: My mother-language is not Engish, so please forgive my mistake:o