Is Nero always enough to burn .bin's?

Hi everyone!

I’d like to know if Nero burns every kind of bin+cue imaginable? I know that some of you may think that cdrwin, burnatonce or cdrdao are the right tools for the job. For example, I wanna know if Nero burns correctly multissession cds (I know that old versions had some problems with these). What about subchannel info?
I still use cdrwin because of these doubts.


To my knowledge, yes…Nero can easily write multi-session bin/cue images, and it can also write sub-channel information…with DAO 96.

I hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:


aye. :wink:

thnx for your replies.

neonspyder: Is that a yes?

amen…i do too

however mine aint working!!!

pllsssssss help:

It certainly used to truncate discs ever so slighty and then it just filled the last 150 sect with zeroes when writing multisession bins but I don’t know about the latest versions since I haven’t installed 15 yet or tried Nero with multisession bin images. I usually just use CDRDAO.

Ahead don’t seem to keep their info about this up to date. In fact the last time I looked through their website I could no longer find any mention of this when it was there, deep within the site before.