Is Nero 9 as bad as the reviews I'm finding?

Title pretty much says it all. I’ve been using Nero for years, and just about every version of Nero since 6.6 has been shredded more than the previous version (8 got it worse than 7, which got it worse than 6, etc). Before I plunk down some cash, I was just wondering if there was anything to this. Or is it like I’m suspecting in that people are expecting it to do things it really can’t, or can’t find where things are stashed in the UI.

There have been many more complaints about the various versions of Nero over the past few years. I gave up on it at Nero 7. Uninstalled and haven’t looked back. I haven’t even considered putting it back on my newer machines.

There are too many good [B]free[/B] substitutes for burning, like ImgBurn or CDBurner XP. If you use the compression/conversion/dvd authoring sections, there are many good free choices there as well, like AVStoDVD, Handbrake, DVDShrink (instead of Recode), DVDFlick, etc.

I heard that Nero got rid of their virtual drive in Nero 9. There are very good alternatives for that as well, like Slysoft’s free program VirtualClone Drive.

For all intents and purposes, Nero has become irrelevant.

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I stopped to use nero when I discovered ImgBurn. It has all the useful burning features you need (and more actually :iagree:), but it is not bloated with a lot of useless functions.

… did I mention that is also free? :bigsmile:

If you only need a burning software, then my suggestion is to not waste money anymore :slight_smile:

Cool! I’ll check out ImgBurn :slight_smile:

I don’t do a lot of disc duplication, but burn a lot of discs with images (I do a bit of photography) for clients and will use Lightscribe discs from time to time (I don’t like dealing with printers). This might be better to ask on the ImgBurn forums, but does it support creation of LightScribe labels?

No, ImgBurn doesn’t do Lightscribe, but there are alternatives for that as well. There is a universal Lightscribe sofware program available straight from the Lightscribe website:

That’s kind of a buzz-kill right there, but I’m investigating some of the other programs that are mentioned with in what passes for a “ReadMe” with the LightScribe software you just mentioned. Since I’m gonna have to buy the LS label creation software anyway, I think I’d rather spend $25 than $80 :slight_smile:


for “Lightscribe”, you need disc labelling software that supports Lightscribe. If I remember, then there is some basic free tool available on

For the labelling job, Nerö (and all other burning suites) ship with a separate labelling software which is somewhat integrated.


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Take a look at this thread: Post #5.

Install the Lightscribe System Software first from my link above, then download the SureThing 4SE LightScribe Edition from the link in that 5th post.