Is nero 7 worth the money or keep nero 6?

Is it worth upgrading to nero 7 from nero 6. Whats your opinions on nero 7 and has anybody tried nero 7 and sorry they tried it.

also Are there going to be any more updates for nero 6 or has has ahead software given up on nero 6

Personally I’m sticking to Nero 6 (latest for now. There seem to be loads of probs raised on this forum for V7 and anyway V6 does all I did of it.

Like TimC said maybe better to go at the moment with nero 6 but i think it would be worth to upgrade to nero7, remember the software comes better and better with the updates.

Unless you like running beta software stick with Nero 6. Nero 7 is very very buggy

I think the verdict on V7 versus V6, is the same as on V6.6 versus V6.3 and on V6 versus V5.5…

Give it time, it sure as hell ain’t ready yet! Let other people act as beta testers.

Ahead do this to us every time, mind you the same was true of Roxio and most others - it’s only really sorted by the time it’s close to being retired.

It needs to be caned like hell in a public beta test, with a RC stage, that’s the only way to produce software that is truly ready to give a good account of itself.

Thanks to all here. I came to search or ask the same thing myself.

Looks like I’ll stick with 6.6 - though that’s been buggy its whole life for me, too.