Is nero 7 liable to glitch more?

I posted a while back about my CD writer nopt working ALWAYS, however i thinkit was down to starforce and in the end succumbed to a reinstall. It still fails with the tesco media (maybe toshiba dislikes it) so brought a 50 spindle of verbatims (15 pounds). 1st burn at 24* with nero GREAT. crystal quality and almost perfect with only a few ‘skips’.

Once or twice a track the CD will skip (likes its scratched). Im using nero 7 and was wandering (as my other pc does this with nero 7 too with a samsung writemaster) whether others have found nero 7 to cause inconsitancies in writing.

Ill be trying BURRRN to burn my next CD as a test.

For the record, I know 24 is fast for burning without expected glitches but before starforce I could burn at 48* (52 once) consistently without glitches and perfect playback. My main writer is the lovely toshiba sd5372v.

any others experiencing this through nero 7?

Do try Burrrn, it’s excellent software.

Just curious, did you know about the audio-skipping problem in some versions of Nero 7?

Try updating to the latest Nero. If you’ve done that, and audio still skips, there is a way around it (involves replacing the mp3pro.dll file with an earlier version from Nero 6).

I uninstalled nero 7 from my system and went back to nero 6. Nero 7 is way to buggy (kind of like nero 6 was when it was new). If it is anything like neo 6 was, it could take them a while to get some of the bigger bugs worked out.

Think that will happen in our life time? I have my butt parked with a very stable 6.??? version that even playes nice with roxio at the same time. Any auto updaters or update searches have been removed. What I got does everything I need it to do and I don’t need anymore headaches messing around with that company. Sould HD or BR ever come out of the waste basket… for data storage I will not be looking to Nero for a solution.

I installed 7 because I like a challenge :bigsmile:…I still have v6.something on my other PC, though.

I hear ya but I have enough challenges going on allready. 7.??? offers me nothing I do not allready have except maybe messing up one of the systems.

I use Nero for all my burning needs. Never had a single issue with it. Maybe I’m just lucky!

Sweet I hear you as well. Some people have had no problems, for others it has been a nightmare. Because it offers nothing of value to me why take the chance

Yeah, so far I’ve had no problems with it (apart from the obvious mp3pro.dll thing)…but I definitely hear ya when you say you’d choose to steer clear, bk :iagree:

I could get it, actually I think I allready have. Just never used it. If I get real bored I guess I could try it out on my test system, So if something breaks it’s a quick trip to format ville. With summer coming though Ill probably be in front of this thing a little less. Maybe go find me some fish and chips with extra ketchup :iagree:

Arachne: The damn thing is just to unstable. If I was the CEO there would be a whole bunch of programers selling ice cream real soon. But I don’t think the CEO cares anymore. And that is tragic.

Fish, chips and ketchup, or the PC - now that’s a tough choice! :iagree:

I’m guessing after they get some more bugs worked out, it will be a pretty good program. Nero 6 was buggy as hell when it was new but now it works very smothly.

eat the chips with your fingers, type with you toes :bigsmile:

True about Nero 6 :iagree:…wonder how long it’ll take them to get Nero 7 together? Heh, I may as well ask how long a piece of string is!

@ bk

I’d have to be a contortionist to do that :bigsmile:

Im sort of hoping a new company will come along or one that is out there now (they know who im talking about HINT imgburn) picks up the ball and runs with it. Nero sucks at times, When roxio got bought by Sonic they sort of suck now. Nobody cares anymore. It’s all about getting bought out and we get screwed in the end. Some of the people that have burning programs out there have more abilty in their little toe then these big companies do.

Rumor has it you very good with your toes :bow:

You know what bothers me ? How long has NERO 7 been released now ? A long time ! Now who are the tossers who tested this program before releasing this crap ? I mean the audio skipping issue is well documented and is KNOWN to be a NERO issue not a user issue - Some users have successfuly replaced their DLL file with a previous version - shouldn’t that send a message to NERO ? Why did a bug so bloody obvious didn’t even get reported by the so-called beta testers this is absolutely pathetic to say the least… till’ this day NERO has not fixed this bug and many others.

NERO 7 is one piece of bloaware you should stay away from - there are so many better alternatives out there. I mean can you believe that you need to download the ENTIRE bloody file set for a small update - Sorry but this is unacceptable - My best advice to people is to either revert back to NERO 6 or use other burning programs which are by far better anyways and have a much less of a footprint than bloatware 7. :slight_smile:

Read the latest bugfix on Nero 7 update page…

“Nero Burning ROM crashed after an image was burned and a new project was started afterwards”

Does it sound alarming? This program is filled with this kind of bugs…


I must admit the amount of time it’s taken to fix the mp3pro bug is shameful.

Don’t look at me like that, It’s what stromppy said :eek:
Rest case:

and Alan knows his stuff