Is Nero 5.5.x better than 6.3.x w/411s/851s?

I have just discovered that a percentage of my DVDs burned by Nero or and Liteon 411s or 851s are not copyable using Nero DVD to DVD copy or even Alcohol DVD to DVD copy.

I get read errors during leadout. Basically somehow the copy made by Nero 6.3.0…2 or 6.3.16 is not a good copy. The weird thing is that they play perfect in my DVD rom drives and DVD standalone players. IF I try to do a rip using DVD decryptor, it fails 99% through writing the files on the HD.

I am using firmware FSOF (411s)and GSOC (851s) and burning DVD-R Ritek g04 media from newegg.

I need to do more testing on this, but I think it has to do with Nero 6.3.x versions and Liteons. I am going to try Nero and see what happens.

I had the same problem using the FS0F firmware, Ritek G04 DVD-R and Nero with the 411S. I tried using NERO and it burned and played back fine.

I appreciate the feedback. This was driving me crazy…

NowI just need to figure out what combinations of my 851s firmware and Nero agree.

this should be in the nero forum since it is about software.

that said i will say that i had some problems with and had to completely remove and reinstall to get everything working again.

nero seems to be getting a little like ezcd… lots of features that only half work and no attention to detail.

Ok, I finally got a working configuration for my Liteon 411s and Liteon 851s using Nero I am able to burn a DVD-R using Ritek g04 and also verify the data and also as a test use DVD decryptor to write the files to HD.

For my Liteon 411s, I flashed to FSOJ and re-installed Nero 6.3.16.
Everything burned successfully and so did verification.

(FS0F and Nero, Nero and 6.3.16 didn’t work well for me)

For my Liteon 851s, I am at GSOC and using Nero 6.3.16.

Thanks for the suggestions…

I tryed several versions of the new Nero 6.
None of them have been working satisfactory with my 411 on fw FS0F.

Nowdays I´m using Nero when burning on RiTEKG 04, with great results. :bigsmile: