Is Nero Trash?

It seems it likes to pretend to create ISO data DVD-R’s without a problem, except when you try to use the DVD there is no data on it. Maybe it’s just me. My specs:

Pioneer DVR-A03 w/ Firmware 2.0
Optodisc DVD-R Media
Windows XP w/ all the latest updates

Any advice would be much appreciated…

When I get home I think i’m going to try burning with a previous version of Nero.

My last Optodisc was a Vivastar :Z

Try better media…

I took your advice and tried a Pioneer brand DVD-R. Works like a charm.

I heard nothing but good things on newegg about Optidisc. I guess I should never trust a DVD-R that costs 1$ per disk.

Does anyone know the cheapest price to buy Pioneer disks at? Is there another reliable brand (say Memorex) that is usually cheaper?

There are at least 2 kinds of Memorexes available:
CMC :Z and Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile: . The Taiyo Yuden discs are 2x compatible.

You could also try to find some Ritek G03, they mostly work. Since you had a media problem => moved

Heres another note on media… Pioneer media is high quality but is actually made by Verbatum…

I use out of Va… something like $2.89 (i think) for printables.