Is NEC 3520A really that good?

Hi all, first time post here. I’m thinking of replacing my old Lite-On 411s which is producing mediocre burn quality but nonetheless give me the ability to PI/PIF error testing. Hewever there are a number of good/great burners out there e.g. Plextors (expensive), Benq 1620 (not readily available here), Pioneer 109 and LG 4163. My first choice at the moment is NEC 3520A, but is it really good enough to sacrifice on slow ripping speed (I know there is modified firmware with riplock removed out, but does not work for everyone) and PI/PIF error testing capability which no one know when it’s gonna be released yet?

this drive produces great burns.Shouldn’t have any probs with it if U get it.Mine works fine.New FW with error scanning should be just around the corner.

Totally agree with Nosmartz. Nec-3520 is a great burner!! As for ripping speed, yeah it’s a little slow but there are more + than - with this drive. You can use your Lite On to rip until new Nec firmware removes the riplock. :smiley:

I don’t think that NEC will remove the riplock…you would have to use another firmware for this job…

All NECs have great burning quality! :bow:
I’m still using my 2510 and I love it!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For ripping I use the Aopen 1648…also great drive!

I was having trouble finding media for my 4x dd0201 and had 4 different types here sating in the house , just received my 3520 today and it writes and reads on everything I have trown at it so far , I had so OLD cheap 2x -r and they any worked on this nec, I’M TOTALLY HAPPY and my 4x has now become my ripper! at least now I can backup some stuff on these old disk that were unusable to me…

I replaced a Lite-On 411s with NEC 3520 and boy am I glad I did I love this drive
writes good discs no matter what I throw at it probabbly down to the patched firmwares as much as the quality of the drive itself

I had a LiteOn 411S a long time ago… (after an OptoRite, and before a 2500, a Benq 1620, and a 3520) and it is consistently, although just slightly, better than my Benq 1620 using quality media like TYG02 and Verbatim 16X (forgot the MID code, sorry). It’s a lot better than the 1620 with not as good media like various CMC and Intenso media. It’s about the same on the Ritek I have. In fact, my only complaint is that it doesn’t burn my Made in Taiwan fake Taiyo Yuden all that well… :Z

Thanks guys 4 all your comments, anyway I’ve just bought one NEC 3520A, haven’t installed it yet though.

I currently have a Pioneer DVD-ROM as well as the Lite-On 411s burner in my system, I’m wondering if I should remove the Pioneer and retain Lite-On’s Pi/PIF error testing capability, or remove Lite-On and retain Pioneer fast DVD-ROM ripping speed? Decision, decision, decision :bigsmile:

keep the liteon and use the codeguys riplock removed firmware.

Stupid question, but what is riplock? Is it just a software lock that limits the speed at which discs can be burned?

Is NEC 3520A really that good? Yes (for me, but could be “No” for you).


No its a limit on how fast CSS DVD-Video discs can be read or ripped to your hard drive. Many limit this to about 4x speed. With riplock removed the NEC can rip at 3-7x speed, not a lot faster anyway. Other drives can rip at 5-12x speeds.