Is NEC 3500a the best 16X DVD burner out there?

Not even close.

It does not have the best writing quality:

Average or the worst on others:

Now I know why the price for NEC is dropping everyweek at newegg!

NEC 3500A - real proud owner
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why are you posting about this again, what once isn’t enough ?? Why are you Trolling ?

Seriously, can’t you be a little more constructive in this forum than to post multiple threads on the same issue to troll?

Next I guess you’ll be conducting your own review of the drive.

Here we go again, another post whining about your 3500a. Dude, stop, grow up, and deal with it. If you really think you made a bad decision on that drive, sell it and go get a pioneer or a benq that are praised in the reviews you keep posting. In the mean time you can sell my friend the 3500a cause he’s looking for a good dvd burner. That way we can burn our taiyo yudens @16x in just over 6min and laugh at you for paying twice as much for 16x verbatims that burn slower or have errors galore from your pioneer or benq. That is even if you can get your hands on them in the first place. I’m not going to pour any more gas on the fire after this. Seriously, realnewbie, you need to stop this, if nothing else it’s wasting forum resources. :frowning:

hehehe… I know what he mean though, my nec3500 is the drive im most disappointed with too. but I do own a nec2510, nec1300, benq1620 and soon a plextor 716 as well so i dont complain. I use my 3500 to rip with and to burn discs at 2x and 4x, because thats the fastest it go … vroooom vroooooom.

@ realnewbie how many posts about this are you going post we have already read all of these
If your not happy with your burner put it back its that simple

Look here… Since you’ve gone from a proud owner to an NEC flamer, I’ll be real generous and give you $10 to take that POS drive off your hands. :iagree: That way you can get on with your life.


This “realnewbie” person has certainly achieved what they set out to accomplish - get all of us hot and bothered and responding to their $hit slinging-

In the future - don’t respond and they will fade away-

Put them on your “ignore” list-



My first and last post in a “realnewbie” thread.

Certainly my last… :wink:

:slight_smile: LOL, judging from the responses, this is a real disappointment but no surprise. But if this helps even one single newbie (this is never intended for fanatics), then mission accomplishes.

Blame pcdoc for starting this thread. :bigsmile: pcdoc, congratulation! you make my ignore list. Don’t PM me again; check my PM reply, you will be :smiley: .

BTW, I live at 100 NEC drive, Beverly Hills, 90210, CA USA. Feel free to drop by to have a chat. :slight_smile:

ditto-tottally agree with bigmike7–
ps. where there is no wood there is no fire!!(or the flame will go out) :cool:

Here are some more woods for you to flame.

NEC is good for nothing: a mediocre contestant for burning/flaming :rolleyes: , a piece of **** for reading, a candidate for ugliest award.

All newbies :iagree:

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Actually the question to ask is how much would you be willing to pay for the best burner. No it is not the best burner, but for the price it does everything the closest competitors can do and more. To get substantially better quality/speed you have to spend $$$. I think realnewbie is doing more to sell people on the NEC-3500 than he thinks. I frankly am amused and more sure the $74 I paid got me the best burner in the neighborhood.:iagree:

Most members come to this forum with constructive ideas and try to help people, all you have done is seemingly try to get peoples backs up and start flaming wars between members

Please change your behaviour and consider yourself warned.

I have more of a “cracker jack philosophy” on this issue. I like the Nec 3500AG, but I also like Plextor, Lite-on, Benq, Pioneer, Asus, Msi, etc… brands. I have no loyalty to either one. I go for whatever suits my needs. If the Plextor, Pioneer, etc… are the best, but they don’t meet my standards in terms of affordability and performance, then I could care less!

People will always have biases. People will always have different opinions because everyone is so different from each other in terms of cultures, race, knowledge, upbringing, etc… I embrace people who share similar opinions, but don’t hate those that don’t. They have their opinions and I have mine. The only thing to do is accept it and move on. You can’t force people to change. To me this whole argument is irrevelant. It’s the same idea as “Are human behaviors more environmentally or genetically influenced?” Who cares!!! Why does it have to be one or the other? Life is dynamic, and it is dynamic with time. We are a product of both. A complex of interactions between our genes and the environment.

Why not argue which product will bring the greatest common good to all people regardless of race, knowledge, culture, etc…? If the Nec brings you joy, then that’s great! If it doesn’t then that’s fine too! Find something that works for you.

I love it, it is about the time

Very thoughtful argument and pleasant idea

I already warned him once.
He has now been SINBINNED.