Is Nd-4570a Possible Flash Nd-4751a's Firmware?

I’ve just bought my NEC ND-4750A last night, after burning for about 10 discs, I found it very good, much better than my first DVD Recorder, Sumsung TS-H552U. :stuck_out_tongue:
But now I want to have a try of the LF function, is it possible to flash the firmware of ND-4570A to ND-4571A, so that it can support the function of LF???
I have tried some firmwares of ND-4571A, but bootcode flasher ver. 1.1 can identify my drive ID, so I used NECDriveConv.exe instead, and then I used NECWinFlash.exe to flash the firmware, but it error in entering safe mode… :Z
Can someone tell me is it possible to flash my ND-4570A to ND-4571A???

It’s not possible to use 4571 firmware on this drive.

That’s a bad news…
How about the future or can I Flash the ND-4551A’s firmware instead???

It actually is possible, but since we are not all programmers, someone has to make a utility to do the job. And here comes the problem, because nobody does. There have been pleanty of talks about this, some months ago. It’s NECs fault actually and it lost me from a customer because of its behaviour. Like we say, what goes around, comes around.

Eitherway, I stopped looking for this, as I’m looking for a new drive. 4570 suchs and so does the 4571. BenQ will add me to its customers pretty soon now.

Full Ack…because meahwhile i hate this drive! :a

I’m still using my good old NEC 3500 and i don’t know if i should wait until NEC provides the 4570 with new fw.
I possibly wait for the BenQ DW1670 because this one supports DVD-Ram.

I’m finding an old version of NEC Drive Converter and try to flash it into ND-4551A…

You will kill your drive if you do.

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Just a correction to Dee’s post. (Thread remains closed)

Using the drive converter won’t kill a drive, but you can’t flash until you change back.