Is ND-3550A suppose to be noisy?

Is it just my nd-3550a or are all nd-3550a loud when playing movies? Can someone verify? I am not sure about the acoustic during the burning but this drive was loudest I have ever experienced during the playing…Do you think my drive’s detective?

They are not. Most likely you have flashed it with an patched firmware. Yes?!

Yes, I did update the patch to latest 1.06. Is this the problem?
I am satisifed with its burning capability but when playing it is just too loud.
Comparing to LiteOn this is running like a turbo engine. Unbearable loud for me.

If this is way it goes, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone wanting a single drive for both burning and reading. Nec drive is just too loud to be an acceptable reader.

Thank God, I am only using this as writer as I have LiteOn reader which is much much quieter when reading.

I wouldn’t use a recorder/burner for playback things.

DVD-ROM drives have faster access times and should be used, if necessary.

Or maybe you would like to check out some patched firmwares…

Thanks for your confirmation. I just wanted to make sure my drive is not defective. I wasn’t sure why people said this is quiet drive. I guess they meant when they burn the DVDs, not while playing…