Is my writer good for clonecd?

is my asus 32x12x40 writer good with clonecd version
do I need AWS?
can I make a perfect backup of fifa wordcup and The Sims Unleashed using clonecd?
please help me?:bow:

Clone CD supported writers

if you find tow sheep that means you dond need aws for sd2
good luck

Good news, you do not need AWS. You will be able to easily backup Fifa World Cup with Clone CD. However, the Sims Unleashed is a different story according to other users who have tried with Clone CD. Only the 48x Asus can back it up with Clone CD, but don’t panic cause it can still be done without trouble. Use discdump to read an image and fireburner to copy the image, and you should be able to make it work. Philamber is the master of discdump so he could probably answer ANY question about it. One more thing, Discdump takes a little bit longer to read a disc, it will still work.

how long will it take to finnish copying using clonecd
what settings must I use in profile Gamecd ?
What must my reader be cd writer or cd rom?
cdrom is LG 52x read speed.
cyberdrive 16x12x40x writer.
:confused: :confused: :bow: :bow:

can i use clonecd instead of using fireburner to burn an image file from discdump to a cd?

  1. Maybe 15 minutes, depending on the speed you write
  2. Fast Error Skip: ON, Audio Extraction: Medium(Fast)
  3. You told me that your writer was an Asus, now you’re saying its a Cyberdrive. If its the Liteon, burn at whatever speed your CD-Rs allow, with no boxes checked off in the burning profile you use, if it is a Cyberdrive, you will need to find Betablocker to patch the weak sectors.
  4. No, if you make an image with Discdump, you must use fireburner. ( Or any other program that copies ISO and CUE, like Nero, but Fireburner is tested and works)

i have 2 writers.